Unkar's Troopers Store Championship Winning Deck

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abell19 60

I won a 19 person store championship at Miniature Market in St. Louis, Missouri this weekend as well as finishing 5th going 4-1 the previous weekend at a 25 person Store Championship at Red Raccoon Games in Bloomington, IL. I will give a short tournament recap and my thoughts on changes I will be making after the event.

The Event: 4 rounds Swiss and a Cut to Top 4

Swiss Rounds: I went 4-0 in the Swiss playing against Bala/Dooku/ FN-2199, eAckbar/2x Hired Gun, Poe/ Maz, and eVader/eFN-2199.

First round was a grind match after killing nines turn 2 ending with an Endless Ranks on Deathtrooper pretty much sealing the deal for me.

Round 2: My opponent resolved planned explosion turn 2 to kill Unkar, but my troopers were already upgraded enough to chew through Ackbar, and the Second Chance, ammo belted Hired gun that was left.

Round 3: I was pretty nervous as Poe/Maz is by far this decks worst matchup, but I opened very well with both the best defense and my opponent did not see Fast Hands in the first two rounds. So, I was able to control all of Poe's dice for 2 rounds while killing Maz and putting 4 into Poe. Poe died the next turn.

Round 4: This game went pretty quick as well, I opened with the Salvage Stand to help control all of his pay sides, and was able to ramp quickly into a big board of dice, quickly killing Vader, and again pretty much finishing up the game with an endless ranks.

I finished as the 2 seed going into the top 4 and got matched up against a local guy a play pretty regularly with Poe/Maz.

Top 4: We both opened really well, Both my control supports, The best defense and some upgrades for me, while my opponent had fast hands and planetary uprising. He luckily didn't roll well with Poe the first two turns so I was able to control his dice before he could fix them pretty well. I think Poe and the Storm trooper died turn 2 but both my characters left were pretty badly hurt. Next round, I was able to put Maz down to 1 Health with a backup muscle left for my first action of the next round. He used field medic, but that allowed me to roll out and kill Maz before she could kill both of my characters.

Finals: This was a rematch against Ackbar/2x Hired Guns. Was a very slow grind game. I took out 1 hired gun fairly quick, but the other was able to get a second chance up before I could kill him. Once, I got through the other Hired Gun we were almost at time and I had only lost the death trooper. I ended up playing an endless ranks for the Deathtrooper to make sure I would win on tie breakers. At this point, my opponent conceded because we were now in time and I am pretty much guaranteed to be able to deal the remaining 5 damage needed to kill Ackbar.

Changes: The one change I would make to the deck is to swap out the Rocket Launcher for another Bait and Switch. I find myself playing rocket launcher less and less because I want to be able to play upgrades and control every round, while also saving up for endless ranks in case I need it. I prefer the riot baton to it because of how strong redeploy is.


Rhinospidercat 14

Is Z6 worth it in a deck where no character has melee damage?

the BEAST 667

@JonesySW I'd say yes. The reason is because it has a crazy ability, redeploy and no +. As this deck has 3 characters and is usually slow, taking an additional action to deal 2-3 damage is worth it.

abell19 60

@JonesySW I think it is 100% worth it in this deck for the consistent damage and redploy. It also can help you resolve the +1 melee on imperial discipline, which is just an added bonus. When I am playing this deck I am going slow and methodical throughout my turn, so I don't care at all about the extra action to resolve it. That being said, if you want to drop it, you could easily play rocket launchers, training, jetpack, or DT-29 instead.