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MattyB 8

Luke is in the squad to hit like a truck. Rey is there for the action cheating and to help with dice removal.

Specific cards to mention:

Premonitions - in the deck to play when palpatine uses it for rise again.

Caution - usually used with Rey's die to put some shields on Luke and can take splash damage from Palpatine.

Heroism - again for Palpatine. It's better to take 2 or 3 ranged damage than 4 or 5 total.

My Ally is the Force - arguably the strongest card in this deck simply for the fact that it can do so much damage with a 3 melee sat on the table.

Comlink - useful for a free re-roll or re-roll of your opponent's dice without losing an action if played on Rey.

Force Misdirection - great card for other melee decks but in combination with the holdout blaster you can also mitigate ranged damage.

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the BEAST 703

Force misdirection is blue die...