Frugal & Frustrating Force Friends

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I have not tested this build yet but will be doing so shortly. This is just something I theorycrafted for funsies and I am open to discussion and pointers, as this is my first build write up.

Do you want the Force to flow through you? Do you wish to bathe in the lamentations of your enemies? Are you on a budget? Do you like piƱa coladas and getting caught in the rain? Then do I have a build for you!

The idea behind this build is half control, half punching and half thought out. You want your opponent to have no resources (see Force Choke and Vibroknife combined with Lure of Power and both of Vader's dice). You want to make your opponents throw away all their cards (Force Choke, Vibroknife, Lure of Power again as well as Vader's ability). Then we throw in ten dice mitigation cards so you can remove all the good stuff from your opponent's board. Basically, this deck is about your opponent not getting to play the game. They get no resources, no cards and get to deal little to no damage while you get to productively use your resources, get to keep your cards and deal plenty of damage. Maz's Castle - Takodana is my battlefield of choice just so we can keep looking for the upgrades we need once Vader is rolling solo and likely claiming each round, and maybe searching for that elusive Rise Again when it's time has come.

The ideal first hand for us would be getting both It Binds All Things, Enrage, Lightsaber and a Force Speed. This is highly unlikely to happen, but it sure would be nice, right? If anything, try for as many It Binds All Things as you can and a Force Speed to get things started. Gotta get in as many actions as you can before our Royal Guard dies. Ideally you'll load up the Royal Guard with two Lightsaber and if you so choose one Lure of Power. With those equipped your human shield can hit between 7 and 11 damage in a single roll out while Vader focuses on disruption and discards. That isn't to say we don't want Vader to do any damage. If you roll damage, by all means do it. This build is more just optimization that takes all sides of your dice into account. Plus the occasional shields from Royal Guard won't hurt, even if they only survive a round or two. Hopefully we can shield them up and keep taking bits of damage for Darth Vader - Sith Lord while getting our guard kitted out for a postmortem Redeploy.

Once our guard does die and both Lightsabers transfer over to daddy, we start the process of overwriting everything. Overwriteone Lightsaber with Kylo Ren's Lightsaber, overwrite the other Lightsaber with a Vibroknife and overwrite Force Speed for Force Choke (and pay nothing to do so by tapping both It Binds All Things). Now you're set up for massive damage that ignores your opponents shields. Don't necessarily ignore your disrupts, discards and resource sides. You still don't want your opponent to have any money or cards, and you'll need your resources for some Rise Again action and for resolving the pay side of Kylo Ren's Lightsaber.

I think this has potential. I look forward to physically putting it together and testing it out against some of the decks that are big in the meta right now. I've got a few days before I have time off of work to do so, so I may do some tinkering with this deck before then. I'm open to constructive criticism and being sent candy from strangers on the internet.

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