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A more aggro focused EmoKids deck that relies on hitting fast and hard. Has some control to prevent being overwhelmed, and some additional resource generation to prevent being starved.

The Goal: Load up your characters with upgrades, roll the dice as quickly as possible, and focus burst an opponent by turn two or three at the latest. If you won the battlefield roll, this will be significantly easier.

Starting Hand Suggestions: Ideally, you want a Sith Holocron and one of the 3+ cost Force upgrades (Mind Probe or Force Throw) but if not, an Enrage or It Binds All Things with a Lightsaber is pretty good too. I love getting Force Speed as early as possible, unless I'm playing against Imperial Inspection.

Playing the Deck: This is a burst damage deck, so you will be focusing on getting any sides with or Darth Vader - Dark Apprentice sides. Assuming you win the battlefield roll, the focus will be on speed in order to claim the battlefield and get dice on the board before your opponent. The key cards we want in play are Force Throw, Makashi Training, a Lightsaber, and at least one Vibroknife so shields aren't a problem. The Vibroknife also has the benefit of giving ambush, which will help claim the battlefield first.

Your opponent will often go after Darth Vader - Dark Apprentice first, unless they are playing a Poe/Maz deck or a similar deck with high cost cards. The Sith Holocron should go on Kylo Ren - Vader's Disciple as the Force abilities do not have redeploy. Additionally, Darth Vader - Dark Apprentice will likely die first regardless as his die will be used whenever possible. If there are a lot of sub-optimal dice and it's still early in the round, discarding is a viable strategy, even against mill decks if we have the battlefield choice, as we will be able to claim it for our best . If the opponent is also playing a speedy deck, sometimes it is best to simply claim the battlefield to ensure you get some damage as opposed to none.

Against a heavy melee character such as Darth Vader - Sith Lord, we want to ensure that we get both Makashi Training and Force Throw on the board for removal. Against a ranged opponent, hold on to and time the use of Deflect to best deal damage.

If you do not win the battlefield roll, this deck runs into some difficulties, but they can be overcome with focusing on getting optimal rolls through a mixture of discarding and getting the Support cards on the board. Meditate allows us to switch one of our rolls to a to deal damage with. The ideal choices are Darth Vader - Dark Apprentice, Kylo Ren - Vader's Disciple (if facing a vehicle/high cost card deck), and Lightsaber for pure damage output. This will ensure that we are able to still remove the primary threat from our opponent and then take our time to clean up the rest.

Card Choices Explained: At first, I swore that having 2x Lightsaber was a waste. It doesn't have the pure damage potential of Kylo Ren's Lightsaber, but more importantly it has a side and redeploy, which can be vital when facing certain decks.

Force Push is a strong card, but I do not like it in this deck due to it only having 2/6 useful sides (the sides.) I replaced it with a Force Choke for some additional control, and the potential for another should I need it to activate one of the event cards, or one of the higher damage costing dice.

Only 1x Mind Probe is in the deck due to the high cost of the card, and the fact it can be situational. The primary purpose is to force your opponent to consider lowering their hand size (limiting their potential actions) and to ideally do high damage. Just having this upgrade on the board can cause errors due to panic.

Potential Changes: While I like Force Choke's ability to both control and deal slight damage, it might be worth replacing it for an additional Force Speed or an Event such as No Mercy.

Force Strike can be situational, and works best as a coup de grace, to get the final hit (2 from Darth Vader - Dark Apprentice for 1 or 3 for a total of 2) before an opponent can react. Outside of this however, cards such as Use The Force could be more useful, especially if we did not win the battlefield roll.

Force Illusion is incredibly undervalued, but this deck plays incredibly aggressive and throws itself into offense. It might be worth replacing Force Choke with Force Illusion for additional health, but it could be situational.

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