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thejumpingflea 191

Uncle’s Games SC 2017

The last SC of the season here in Seattle was at Uncle’s Games in Redmond. I’ve played in a few tournaments since starting up with this game in May, but never had much success. I decided (upon some serious peer pressure, thanks Matt!) to forgo taking my ePalp or eLuke/Rey in favor of my Death Trooper deck.

All stars of the deck are… pretty much everything. What I love about the deck is how smoothly it runs. I definitely think that the best cards are Aftermath, Redeploy Weapons (Z6 Riot Control Baton is incredible!), The Best Defense..., and Tactical Mastery. This deck has the ability to do massive damage in the mid game and will swing games in a single action. Typically you’ll take a beating early game while establishing upgrades and supports. Save your mitigation for after they’ve decided on a target so that you can spread the damage around. You want to get to 5 resources for that Endless Ranks in the mid to late game, so sometimes it’s wise to play it safe to get that new trooper. The ability to have the almost dead trooper (hopefully loaded with Redeploy weapons!) roll in, resolve the dice, then die giving the weapons to a ready trooper, to Endless Ranks the recently deceased Trooper is too good. It is effectively a double activation in those situations and is enough value to outright win games. Using cards like Cannon Fodder and The Best Defense... you can allow this to happen. (I’ve used The Best Defense on a trooper with 1 life left - it feels great with Aftermath on the field and Endless Ranks in hand!) I typically hard mulligan for a Holdout Blaster or F-11D Rifle and Aftermath. I will ship mitigation back as you really don’t need to see it in your opening hand.

Cards that didn’t make the cut:

We Have Them Now: This can just win you the game, but it’s really only good with Tactical Mastery. If you play it, your opponent is going to have the opportunity to interact with it. Because of the stipulation that you must control the battlefield it’s a dead card when it would be at it’s best. (After an opponent’s early claim)

DH-17 Blaster Pistol: It’s just too low impact, despite the 1 cost. I want to spend my money on upgrades on the first 2 turns and try to use my free events to mitigate large amounts of damage. It’s a solid card, but I prefer Training to it despite the increase in cost.

— Tournament Results — There were 26 players in the event and I went 4-2 in Swiss placing 7th in the cut to top 8. I won my first match, lost my second, and placed in the top 4. Matchups below!

Round 1: W - I was playing against a friend of mine (that I was matched round 1 at the last tourney I played at!) who was playing eRey/Padawan/Padawan. He successfully had me change targets with well placed Cautions and overwriting Lightsabers to discourage me from killing Rey first, but I was able to burst down his characters relatively quickly. He had some poor rolls with double light bow + lightsaber and the game came down to one die roll, a 1 in 6 for me to roll a 2 damage and sure enough it happened. Incredible game that came down to the wire, and a lucky roll saved me. 1-0

Round 2: W - I played against an eIG-88/FN-2199 deck on his battlefield. He started things off with IG’s 3 and playing Salvo on it. Oof, 9 damage on the opening play. Unfortunately for him, he never got much equipment value and I was able to burst down IG pretty quickly. It’s so key to hit a 2 cost upgrade on a death trooper each of the first two turns and mitigate with best defense and canon fodder after they’ve committed to a target. I managed to Best Defense two of IG’s 3s to mitigate off a character with 6 health left that basically won the game there.

Round 3: L - This opponent was playing eHan/eSnap! One of my favorite decks around, I knew this wasn’t a favorable matchup. I offed Snap turn 2, but Han was loaded and ready for the long game. Unable to ever get up to 5 resources, I was pitching my Endless Ranks for re-rolls and seeing my deck getting dangerously small. Decking myself is a real possibility and I knew I needed to push damage quickly. I made the mistake of resolving 3 damage when I could have instead claimed, negating Han’s die and returning a DT die, as well as shutting off Defensive Position. Next turn I roll out 1, 1, 2, 2, and the DP comes out to ruin my day. Oh well. At the end of the game I had no cards in my hand, got through the first second chance on Han, and was thinking to round 4.

Round 4: W - My good friend Anthony was playing eRey/eQui-Gon Jinn and played on my battlefield. I rolled well, he didn’t, and I bursted 8 on Rey turn 1. It was a great example of how Destiny is sometimes just a dice game. At the end of the game, I had 9(!) resources as he was playing so hard to get around Endless Ranks. Overall, I like this matchup, but the next round would make me rethink that… 3-1

Round 5: L - Another eRey/eQui-Gonn deck! I loved this game so much. It was so back and forth, with cards like Willpower stunning me. He managed to chew through thirty health of troopers (got off an Endless Ranks), and it came down to a Qui with 4 health remaining against my lone trooper with 5 left. I tried to pitch everything for that second copy of Ranks, but couldn’t get it. He rolled in the necessary damage and the handshake commenced. It was so close, and he rolled just enough off of his last card to reroll.

Round 6: W - A game against my best friend and play testing mate. He’s playing eDarth Vader/Royal Guard. I don’t think this is a great matchup, but I have a lot of practice with it. It doesn’t hurt when you roll well and Vader isn’t hitting those 3s too often. His rolls were definitely suboptimal, and I got my supports and weapons early, with mitigation in the midgame, and Ranks late. I couldn’t ask for a better hand than that.

Final after Swiss 4-2 and 7th in the top 8!

Round 1 after cut: Playing against the 2nd seed 5-1 eUnkar Plutt/FN-2199/Stormtrooper deck. The game started off pretty well with me, I was able to burn down FN-2199 (but not before he played a Riot Baton), and shifted my focus to Unkar. His Trooper got a second Baton on it, and he started keeping pace with me on damage. I pitched my Endless Ranks to avoid them getting Unkar’ed and the game came down to his trooper with 4 remaining, and my death trooper with 7. He loaded out a Rocket Launcher (with those two batons made for a terrifying trooper!), but I was able to play a Hold-Out Blaster, taking full advantage of the Ambush tempo, and roll in before he could. He didn’t have the removal for all of my guns, and the play mat was mine. :D

Semi-finals: eBala/FN-2199/Nightsister. Ouch. He kept all 5 of his opening hand while I pitched 4 (keeping Imperial Inspection to try and blowout FN chaining!) and I knew I was in trouble. He Enraged to a 3rd resource, played out Flamethrower and rolled the 4 for 1, rolled Bala, Logistics a resource for 2, did 4 with the Flamethrower, overwrite with Riot Baton, rolled 3 for 1, resolved it, then rolled out FN and (using some Nightsister sorcery) got another 6 damage on me with the remaining dice. He defeated one Death Trooper on turn 1. Despite this, the game came down to FN with 4 life left, and Bala with 7, but I still had 4 left on a single trooper and, at the beginning of the next round, enough resources to use Endless Ranks. Of course he played new weapons on FN and popped my last trooper before that could happen though. ;)

So overall, 5-3 and feeling great. Every game was winnable (and most losable!), but this deck has some serious play to it. I scored a Phasma mat, 40 bucks store credit, and 6(!) Promo cards, including a Mon Mothma, Full art Luke and Vader, and more. Death Troopers are fun as hell. At the moment, there isn’t anything I would change to the list, but obviously the Doubt or Flank could be replaced by another Flank or Doubt for consistency if you have a preference. I almost always mulligan for Aftermath, Imperial Inspection (for decks that like upgrades) and a redeploy weapon (or Training + Baton for the overwrite chance). Funny enough, you really don’t care to see most of your removal early. The trick is to use the cards like Canon Fodder and Best Defense to mitigate damage away from nearly dead troopers to keep all guns firing. Sometimes, it’s ok to kill one of your own to get resources with Aftermath, as well as redeploy weapons, only to follow with Endless Ranks. A few times today I was able to kill a rolled and resolved, fully loaded trooper off, redeploy the weapons to one that hasn’t activated, then Endless Ranks that no longer dead trooper. It effectively doubled my equipments impact and let me roll in 4 characters those turns.

I hope you enjoy the deck as much as I do!


Matt500 1

hey mate, love the deck! Thinking of something similar in my next store champs, i wanted to ask why you left off Rocket Launcher as i feel its a problem for the opponent when it hits the table. However it seems like you had enough damage to work especially with Training being essentially a 2 cost upgrade with 4 damage sides. I am considering cards like We Have Them Now and Salvo - is damage consistent enough that you don't need to worry about it? Therefore money is saved for the joy of Endless Ranks?

I run eVader/Guard but i've left it as i'm finding it a little inconsistent in my testing and champs run through. This looks like a solid build and great job on getting the mat!

JohnnyOrigami 8

I always say that Mos Eisley Spaceport - Tatooine is the better choice so that you can get Training or Wingman back right before one of your troops dies and you get a resource. Then you Endless Ranks the troop and put the upgrades right back on them.

BigDaddyGoblyn 295

I wish we would have gotten a chance to play against each other, I was doing to poorly though.

Going to make the Deck as is and see what's up. Great games buddy!

simmuskhan 2

How do you get the money for endless ranks?

sruman 1

An early aftermath can generate significant money and often have 2 by the time you're down to 2 troopers.