Muck the Feta

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Iggy 99

Roll in Mon Mothma, roll in Chirrut. Get those rerolls in and focus to the sides you need. Claim to get the extra damage.

Datapads help get you the sweet sweet focus sides.

Make sure to pretend to be blind when you roll double blanks.


Bowie 346

I feel like this deck needs Awakening to push it from Tier 1.5 up to Tier 1, but even as is, it is devastating to face it! Finally a pair that makes Chirrut a total killer!

I might try this for Gen Con. A total sleeper victory!

Lerysh 108

This deck is better when it uses Leia instead of Chirrut and uses It's a Trap and All In. And that deck stopped being Tier 1 under Vibroknife. The aggro just isn't there to do 22 damage in 3 turns like Emo Kids or Poe Maz.

JDanger31 1

@LeryshI think that is why it's called "Muck the Feta". Nothing wrong with playing non-meta decks.