Baby Vader and Aunt Phasma

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Earman22 104

My Version of the Baby Vader/Phasma List. This thing doesn't need any upgrades. Potentially 12 damage first round just on specials, which is insane to me. All 4 sides = 12 damage to one character. (Resolving Vader's first of course, getting them to 6).

I used part of the anger suite here considering Z6's and DH's double blanks. Plus I'm really good at rolling blanks in general.

This is a straight aggro deck designed to smash face in the first couple of rounds. People typically go after Vader first, so throwing Phasma's blaster on her will wreck face as well when Vader goes down. I haven't seen a match go past the 4th round. 6+ damage is common even with 1 die being mitigated. Lots of anger in this deck. I'm looking forward to throwing on hate to Vader, making it even nastier.

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