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fallin85 237


fallin85 237

I have had some early success with this deck. I used to run Baby Vader with FN, but didn't like the fact that Baby Vader special damaged him. When the new 2 player set came out I was enjoyed Kylo cost 14/17, health of 12, and special. So I decided to build Kylo FN deck.

I usually find myself using the enemy battlefield so that I can place the 2 shield on Kylo. The idea behind that is to have the opponent to go after FN, who will typically have 2 redeploy upgrades before dying.

I usually like to Mulligan for at least control card, ideally 0 cost card and a 2 cost upgrade to get FN going. I prefer Electrostaff as an early upgrade on FN, rolling out +3 modifier is great as second action, I will activate Kylo and usually will roll damage. Even if it's two 1 Melee, that is 5 damage.

Resolve resources with logistics when available to help pay for upgrades.

Tactical mastery is another card that can help push damage quickly. I usually activate Kylo, then use Tactical Mastery next turn to roll in FN and hopefully get damage sides for a big burst.

Against mono color decks Feint rocks, I use it on Kylo as soon as possible.

Ion87 25

Nice looking deck! I'm short an Electrostaff. Would Shoto Lightsaber or Makashi Training be the ideal subs?

fallin85 237

I think Shoto Lightsaber would be a good replacement until you can get your hands on an Electrostaff. Try it out and let me know how it works out for you.

BlueValeGames 45

I was running Vader/Traitor up until last weekend when it was pointed out to me the benefits of New Kylo. I've since switched and will be playing him in this weeks tournaments.

I'm running a variant of this, focusing on all 2-drop melee weapons or upgrades that have all 0-cost sides, and all 0-cost mitigation and other helping cards. I only have 2 non-weapon cards that cost anything, the rest are all 0.

I'm running 2 of each Electrostaff, Vibroknife, Shoto Lightsaber and Praetorian Guard (basically the same as Shoto). My goal is all melee damage at zero cost (with the exception of FN and Kylo each having a 1cost side) I'm running Moisture Farm since there's very little that costs anything and I can use that 1 extra resource for the two character dice should they roll a cost side.

You can also swap Enrage out for the new Prepare for War to do one less damage to yourself, just need to make sure to claim the battlefield to use it. I also run a Dug In for 3 extra shields for 1cost (also must claim the battlefield to use it). Dug In has saved me so many times.

I'll post my deck up later this week. It's changed so much in the past week with both the 2-player game and EoW release in the same week LOL

Burst damage can be nasty with this char combo and a stack of cheap weapons and damaging upgrades.

For me, I want to make sure I have the vibroknife out on FN on round 1 and will mulligan an entire hand of good cards to get to it. Getting in under anyone's shields is devastating every round. Prepare to discard a lot of cards to reroll a lot, especially if opponent has claimed the battlefield already. Take your time planning out the rerolls and FN weapon swaps for serious burst damage in the final round(s).

Ion87, Check local or large online stores for singles you're missing. I like Makashi, but once Kylo is dead, its a useless card. Check out Praetorian Guard instead. Also just be aware any of the nice non weapon cards (like P-Guard and M-Training) are not weapons, so you can't use the action cheat with FN on those.

fallin85 237

@corvettejoe I was thinking about taking the 2 drop upgrade approach as well but my local meta utilizes Imperial Inspection too much. Yea I can throw in some Rend but I feel like getting a 3 cost upgrade will take care of that problem. I may still need to add in at least one Rend but we shall see how the meta shapes up. I look forward to seeing your variation of the deck.

BlueValeGames 45

I was planning to add a Rend to my deck too, so many uses for it :D

drbearsec 1

I run this... I still prefer using Rocket Launcher vs Electrostaff.

fallin85 237

@drbearsec I think Rocket Launcher is good card for this deck but I prefer Electrostaff because I will typically have resources to resolve damage cost sides. If I kept Rocket Launcher I would need to add in Imperial War Machine But I'm still tinkering the deck.

drbearsec 1

I'm also running Crossguard in there. I like it for FN but if he dies, then Playing it on Kylo nets me 1 damage. You can't do two drops right now with the current EaW meta. Thrawn Unkar will eat you alive

fallin85 237

@drbearsec I was thinking about doing Crossguard Lightsaber but like you said the two drops against Imperial Inspection destroys them. Which is why I have the 3 cost upgrades.

BlueValeGames 45

Finally had a chance to play my version again last night against my buddy's Dark and Stormy (FN/DeathTrooper/DeathTrooper). He was doing some decent damage, but I had enough 0-cost mitigation to handle it all. I was also having to re-think how this deck plays, as with the Crossguard has the Kylo ability. I had a Shoto I also put on Kylo as well, which kept him well shielded. I was able to call 2 of the 3 color cards with his ability (and forgot two of the rounds, still learning new cards)... but it was pretty devastating.

FN was loaded up with vibroknife/electrstaff/and?, he was the target first and I was able to mitigate damage coming to him enough to keep him alive 2 more rounds with only 1 health left. meanwhile Kyl0 was dishing it out hard.

I took out FN quickly, and one of the deathtroopers. I wasn't watching his money, so he broiught one back to life. I finished off the almost dead 3rd deathtrooper then focused on the 4th. By now he only had a single riot baton, so it wasn't looking good against my fully loaded/shielded/fullhealth kylo. He claimed the battlefield early, so I took my time. Discarded all my cards for a full damage roll with Kylo. I'm glad I took him out, he was about to use his other card to bring yet another death trooper back to life... but I was pretty confident I would have taken that one out too.

In the end i dealt out 41 damage in just char damage, more if you count shields to my buddy.

Of course he wasn't imperial inspecting me or any of the card removal nonsense, so this does pretty well against those types of decks. I would like to add Riot Batons still, but just don't want to fork out the $50 for a pair of them. That would really help against the imperial inspection and shocks.

fallin85 237

@corvettejoe That's alot of damage. Did you run Feint? Against mono colors, Kylo Ren - Tormented One with Feint wrecks.

I also agree that Z6 Riot Control Baton will help against Imperial Inspection and shocks. I was lucky enough to pull 2 last set.

fallin85 237

Quick update, getting success with the deck so far I'm 11-2 with it.

BlueValeGames 45

Played my version of this combo last night in a weekly store tournament. Went 4-0 with it. It consistently pumped out 6-11 damage every round of every game. I mulligan for Electrostaff now as first choice, and choose Vibroknife as a nice second if I can get it. I'll try to publish my version this weekend. I'm really happy with it.

fallin85 237

Quick update currently I'm 15-3 with the deck.

Thinking about taking 1 Deflect to put in Rend. This change would be specifically against ThrawnKar. I've played a couple and beat, it's imperative that you kill Unkar. Rend will help against those 0 cost supports

BlueValeGames 45

@fallin85I started a new build page for mine... swdestinydb.com

9-2 so far over 2 weekly tournaments plus a couple play test with friends. Very happy with my variation.

I wrecked a ThrawnKar tonight, and Rend saved me for sure. I put two in mine.

fallin85 237

I'm 18-3 now. I have updated the build, please see swdestinydb.com