I Will Survive

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superabsurd 348

Not dying is the name of the game. Unless you're being really literal, in which case the name of the game is Star Wars: Destiny, but let's assume you already know that considering you're reading this. This deck's sole purpose is to live fivever, which is one more than forever. That's a long time, you guys.

Count Dooku is our boy. After the nuclear apocalypse it'll just be him and the cockroaches. Dude turtles like no one else. We want him equipped with both Shoto Lightsabers as soon as possible so he can get that double shield action each activation going. We leave his third spot open until it needs filled. It's the utility slot. Are you facing a ranged heavy team? Personal Shield essentially gives you one free point of damage reduction each round. Facing a melee team? Throw Ancient Lightsaber on there and heal for two, then Lightsaber Pull that bad boy right on back whenever you can. That means each activation we're looking at two free shields from our Shoto Lightsabers and potentially one damage reduction from Personal Shield or two health (and damage potential) from Ancient Lightsaber. That isn't even taking into account that we have a damn near infinite use Armor Plating so long as we're claiming our battlefield of choice, Starship Graveyard - Jakku. That isn't a necessity, but it sure is nice when it happens. Two free damage reduction each turn for FREE is nothing to balk at.

Jabba the Hutt - The Great and Mighty is there to naturally discard and/or focus our damage sides if need be. His goal is to discard our opponents entire hand to the best of his abilities. Utilizing Salvage Stand should allow us to keep our Blackmail dice most if not all of the time as they won't be able to adequately pay to remove them, and unless they have a hand full of zero cost removal, they're screwed. You may be wondering why no Fast Hands. The answer to that question is that Rend is a thing and I'm insanely paranoid. I'm still terrified of Dark Presence and Salvage Stand being removed, but the upside is we can just bring those back with Starship Graveyard - Jakku and play them again, whereas our opponent can't bring back Rend unless they've slotted one of the few cards that can do so into their decks, which is more unlikely than likely. So discard, discard, discard until the cows come home to roost, like the old saying goes. Some of you may also have questioned by I'm not running Force Illusion. I don't like milling myself. Plain and simple. We want to do that to them, not to ourselves. This deck is very carefully constructed. Each card is necessary. Don't throw cards away unless you desperately have to.

This deck is mainly a choke and mill deck, with a bit of damage from Count Dooku - Devious Strategist if need be. In my experience, knowing how shitty it's going to be to kill Count Dooku - Devious Strategist most people target Jabba the Hutt - The Great and Mighty first to get rid of the mill side of things. Funny thing is with the way Dooks can turtle I still end up winning by mill when he's the last line of defense a lot of the time. TURTLE POWER!

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J1mbo 1

Shame about Crime lord. Milling from hand takes time and CL catches you soon enough. Have you played a Thrunkar deck with this?