Lando-Padme Mill W/ Guide

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Soapy 2


Battle plan:

The game plan for this deck is to generate a large amount of resources and use these to pay for upgrades/mitigation that help you to stay alive long enough to mill your opponent out.

Your opponent will invariably target Padme as she is the larger mill threat, and also she has a lower health pool than good ol' Lando! You start the game with three resources so don't be afraid to keep something like Lone Operative in your starting hand, it can heal Padme for 6-8 damage over the course of the game if played on the first round. This deck generates resources to a degree similar to Thrawnkar, what with Lando's dice, Double-Dealing, and Chance Cube. Use these to pay for things like Block, Dodge, and Hyperspace Jump (if you get desperate) and then recur them as needed with Rebel.

Try to keep Padme alive as long as possible, don't race to claim unless she is going to die in one activation on the next round. Reroll/focus into Lando's 2 discard for 1, and his 3 resources for 1. When resolving Padme's special you should have the resources necessary to pay for it, and with Con Artist/Cunning, it should be enough to close out the game within 4 rounds.

Card choices:

Chance Cube - The focus in the deck mostly eliminates the chance you take with this card, meaning that most turns it will be a net 2 gain of resources.

Tough Haggler - Sleeper card of the deck, Padme has struggled with mill from hand in the past, this helps in that regard. The special does require some timing, but it's versatile in that sometimes you will be happy with either choice they take.

Double-Dealing - There are tons of specials in this deck, play this on the first round and watch the money roll in!

Second Chance - A staple of yellow hero decks, against particularly aggressive decks I would keep it in my opening hand. Recur with Rebel. I would actually use Starship Graveyard to recur this card, but that battlefield is unfortunately antithetical to our game plan.

Daring Escape - I had never used this card before, but in a deck able to afford it such as this one it can provide a blowout on some rounds. Don't misread the text, it says reroll any number of an opponents dice, if the opponent is showing 3 blanks and 1 special for example, reroll the special and then remove the 3 and possibly the 1 extra.

Block and Dodge - What's the value of removing a die? The best way to think about this is to consider the card Subjugate in the 2 player starter, which costs 2 resources and unconditionally removes a die. All other cards that remove a die for 1 resource have some other condition that acts a drawback; Flank, OQP, Pinned Down, Electroshock. Block and Dodge do have conditions, and they do cost 2, but they are able to remove more than 1 die at a time. Including 1 of each, and being able to then rebel the one you need, can provide 1-3 mass damage removals per game.

Hyperspace Jump - A desperation card really, but it can help to close out a game on the very last turn if they have no cards in hand and deck.


Look for the following cards in your opening hand:

  • Chance Cube
  • Double-Dealing
  • Lone Operative
  • Cheap removal (Loth cat, Sound the Alarm)
  • Second Chance (if you think they will kill Padme on round 1 or 2)
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