Goatee Alliance

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mykelen 9

I've been having some good luck with this deck. When I'm not rolling blanks or absolute garbage, the shields and melee work together to kick major ass.

In case you're wondering, It Binds All Things and Lightsaber Pull are not included in here because I really don't need them. I have no trouble pulling a weapon, since there isn't anything specific I need right away. Two Shoto Lightsaber on Qui-Gon is awesome, and has happened, but I'll survive without it. Other than Rey's Lightsaber, nothing in here costs more than 2.

The greatest combo in this deck is Caution into Riposte, but both work great on their own.

Potential change is taking out Sound The Alarm for Luke's Protection, but honestly, I've got more than enough shields going for me, so why waste a spot?


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