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Narcissus1 1

So far unbeaten and has devastated all opposition.


VonStryker 9

what opposition have you faced with it? and how do you play this? typical set up, what do you expect, what is your goal, etc.

Would love to see Seventh Sister competitive

Narcissus1 1

I played aginats a variatio of decks, but mostly aggro decks using yellow characters like Han Solo - Scoundrel and K2SO. As well as K2SO and Rey. Also against decks using First Order Stormtrooper x4.

I play it relying heavily on getting out Imperial HQ and LR1K Sonic Cannon. Slave I helps a lot too. I try to get Force Speed as it is so OP it is insane. I also love the ability on Ciena Ree - Adept Pilot. Abandon All Hope can cripple an opponent for 2 rounds if played correctly as well. I esxpect the opponent to see 3 low level charcters and understimate them. No heavy hitters among them, but the support coming out i enough to deal serious damage to any deck. My goal is to get at least one heavy support out quickly and play the long game. Usually 2 characters of mine die, they are expendable. The opponent tend to fous on Seventh Sister - Agile Inquisitor and leave the other two, which as proved to be a bad call.