Sabine Ezra- Double Blanks Gaming

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Double Blanks Gaming- Jay 2211

Hey guys! Tested this list a couple times in some videos had people asking about it! Here you go!

It is pretty straight forward. Keep Sabine alive at all costs and try to make Ezra die first. Life Debt is underrated. You also have Draw Attention, plus you have Defiance because Sabine has two 3 sides on her! The mitigation used is so you can remove Ezra's die. Hope you enjoy!


stiggo 16

Any reason for not running infamous?

Focus Ninja 1020

I do not have a problem with that deck Poe Rey destroys it

Focus Ninja 1020

Jay you need to keep an eye out for Poe Rey

Carraminana 77

So few removal, Infamous is a must

Batty76 619

@focus ninja

I would love to play your deck with my poe/sabine

Double Blanks Gaming- Jay 2211

@stiggo I just don't feel like I need it. RI helps for NTMO plays and I feel like that is the only card you would need it for.

@Focus ninja I heard it is pretty good. It just feels underwhelming but consistent non the less.

@Carraminana Nah Infamous ain't that fancy.

mishari26 166

@Focus ninja we had 2 people with R2/P2 last night at our small 10 man event. I used this deck and won the whole thing.

I faced 1 of them, and did 7 dmg on Rey 1st turn, killed her 2nd turn.

I did add Smuggling and Infamous to the deck. I took out Defiance, Lifedebt and Battle Rage.