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Focus Ninja 1020

hey guys, This is the upgraded version of my previous Poe Rey build and it's way more consistent! I'm not for big guides so if you wanna know how to play the deck if your intelligent you should be able to figure it out. So... let me be honest i wasn't 79-0 with the previous Poe Rey build i lost against a jabba Unkar twice in play testing and he won his games with crime lord. And i would also lose to Sabine Ezra do to double Second chance and impersonate i was trying to hype the deck by saying it's 79-0 to get people to open there eyes which it did But that's it this deck really is that strong both characters are power houses and the cards that go with them are nuts. Play on guys


SwEEEEEtDookie 7

79-0 aye???

daveydtd 1

Hey everyone this guy is a phony

Jorgyn Ryys 114

yeah 79-0 record = troll

Focus Ninja 1020

All of you are dull

SinisterSmooth 7

Played this deck to a 3-1 finish, only losing to a hero rainbow mill even this was due to me missing a few plays and rolling like hot garbage. Dunno if I love the Jedi robes but pretty good!

Skins1924 1

I think I’m going to add c3po. I guess logistics is ok if you are adding all those weapons, but it didn’t seem necessary in the original version.

zukie78 44

The deck is no joke people. I see it blowing up locals all over. Mill and Sabine Ezra are it's only tough match ups but that's all of our tough mat h ups....

GenghisDon 98

What about against heavy action cheat decks? eCad for instance. Do you just shield up and take the damage or is there another method?