Phoenix Squadron

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Bigulf 426

Played this at my local Destiny tourney. Went 5-0 for the night. The deck can get vehicles in play quickly and keep your characters alive long enough for the vehicles to do their job.

Couple deck decisions I made were Ezra Bridger - Force-sensitive Thief over Rookie Pilot for many reasons. Because the nature of Rookie Pilot's ability, he didnt get rolled out until later in the turn. This is bad for me because I wanted his di in the pool early for Loth-Cat and Mouse. Also playing Chance Cube I wanted it out before I rolled out Maz Kanata - Pirate Queen. Ezra Bridger - Force-sensitive Thief's special also cones in handy when it hit. Having another yellow char on the table keeps Electroshock available longer.

I also stayed away from all the cards that make vehicle decks faster. The deck is SLOW, dont waste card slots on cards that try to make the deck what it isnt.

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