R2P2 - ACT Regionals Winner (with decklist breakdown)

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general_jacobi 127

This is the R2P2 list I piloted in the ACT Regionals, which consisted of 34 players. Over the course of the day I faced off against 4 R2P2 decks (one was running Kanan instead of Rey, but more or less the same list, just a bit quicker), 3 Qui-Gon Kanan decks, Sabine Ezra and a Seventh Sister/Royal Guard/Gam Guard. There was still a diverse range of other decks there at the tournament, I was just unlucky enough to have to grind through the mirror that many times (and Qui-Gon Kanan / R2P2 were obviously performing well on the day). I had one loss in the swiss against the mirror; I managed to beat that player when I faced him again in the semis.

The deck is consistent, flexible and extremely durable. I feel like the biggest and most impactful additions to the deck from its original incarnations are It Binds All Things and a Logistics for the extra resource generation. Being able to save 1 resource for mitigation or being able to play 2 upgrades out in a turn is crucial, especially when the games are inevitably going to go long because of the tankiness of the deck. The Lightsaber Pull acts as your 10th upgrade, and I found the flexibility of being able to grab whatever you needed at the time invaluable. Most of the time it acted as my 3rd copy of Handcrafted Light Bow for those match ups where I really wanted to find it as soon as possible (Qui-Gon Kanan or mirror matches).

Force Misdirection was easily the MVP of the day, providing huge blowouts on occasions, completely shutting off my opponents turn. I had a feeling there would be a lot of Qui-Gon Kanans and R2P2s on the day, so knew that Force Misdirection would prove to be game changing in those match ups. Overconfidence is great for mitigation without needing your dice in the pool, the same goes for Deflect - unfortunately there aren't too many other options for Hero in this regard, but you can "mitigate" proactively using your shields or Force Illusion. Sound The Alarm was in the deck at some point, and I do love that card for 0 cost, but it came out for more consistent removal - there have been enough times that the reroll effect has gone against me that I would rather have the more consistent removal options if I could afford them. Of the removal options I wanted to be 2 ofs, Guard and Force Misdirection were chosen because they have the highest ceilings to them. The fact that they require your dice to be in the pool requires you to think a few steps ahead, sometimes sacrificing value to get ahead in tempo. Finally, All In was my chosen Ace In The Hole for the day. I knew that it would only be useful in a few situations, but lately I've come around to always including one or two cards like this in my decks. It came up clutch in the 3rd game against my semi-final opponent, Craig, allowing me to cheat out 9 damage in the one action to surprise kill his fully loaded Rey, all starting from a single Poe special (changing the other Poe die to the 2 focus, and then providing an extra 6 damage from the two dice I focused off that). Originally I had 1x All In and 1x Riposte as my "surprise" forms of damage, and while I can see the value of Riposte in the deck as damage from hand, on the day I was happy to sacrifice the potential damage to actually use the shields for survivability and extra health; my reasoning was that if my opponent wasn't keeping my shields off my characters with their damage and I had surplus shields, I was probably winning that game anyway.

That's pretty much it, just a couple of things quickly: think about how the match-up will play out, and if you think the game will go long, try and play the earlier rounds to "ramp" and get out as many dice as possible. Often it's better to sacrifice early damage in order to get more dice out round 1/2. As a deck that shields and heals extremely well, your goal is to make it to the late game and win by value/consistency . I don't think Medical Droid is worth it in this deck, and I also don't think you want to be running only 1 copy of cards like It Binds All Things and Caution.

Thanks to the TO for an extremely well run tournament, to all my opponents on the day who played the game in great spirits, and to my teammates and friends who helped to test and train for this amazing weekend. Desties for ever :)


oldredhat 8

How vital is Ancient Lightsaber in this list? I get that it's a very powerful two-cost weapon, but does the "Heal 2" action come into play during many of your matches? Could you sub in an admittedly less impactful Vibroknife?

general_jacobi 127

@oldredhat Unfortunately the Ancient Lightsaber does fill a few vital roles in this deck; it's blue so it synergises with It Binds, Force Misdirect, Lightsaber Pull, has a +3 side, and the option of healing.

The healing, whilst it's true I don't always use it in every game, is great to have as an option if need be. Sometimes turns will play out in a way that you just need to heal/shield through all of your opponents damage for the round, then once they are out of actions you can freely hit back with your own damage and keep gaining an incremental advantage over them. The +3 melee side is huge on this card, as it is usually your target for Poe's focus sides when trying to push extra damage, or when you are lucky enough to land the +3 and need to play Guard.

In terms of what to replace it with if you didn't have any Ancient Lightsabers, Vibroknife would be a great fit for this deck in all regards except for the fact that it is Grey in colour, and thus doesn't benefit from It Binds All Things and isn't usable with Force Misdirection. This doesn't mean that I don't think the card wouldn't work well in the deck. The fact that you could use Poe's focus to change the Vibro to the +2 modified side to chain with Rey's base damage (and even a Shoto modified if lucky), could mean that you are able to punch through 4+ unblockable damage. In a world of shields and Force Illusion that can be a very big play. If you were looking for another Blue, 2-costed upgrade then your options seem to be Jedi Robes or Force Training. Of those two I'd lean more towards Jedi Robes as it works well in the early game to initially grab you shields and usually a focus/resource side, then you can just overwrite it with one of your 3-costed upgrades or a Shoto when the opportunity arises.

If you did end up going with Vibroknife, and found that you weren't getting enough value from It Binds All Things, you could consider cutting them and adding in another Logistics and cheap removal such as Sound The Alarm to try and bring your resource cost down a bit.