Undercover Bossk

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LightlySaltedNut 1

This is my first deck that I'm publishing, and it's a work in progress. The concept is basically controlling damage. I'm not saying this is hyper powerful, but it's fun and it's been a ringer--people don't expect it.

Timing is the big thing. Within a turn, the goal is to spend your exposed money ASAP, then quickly execute and claim the battlefield. The best feeling here is when opponents are threatening discards and disrupts and there's just nothing to do it to. Lots of the cards are cheap.

Early game what you want is Stolen Cache, Backup Muscle, Force Speed, Power of the Dark Side/Deadly. Mid, you want upgrades, and play the board(As You Command, Force Strike, Unyielding help with getting good results). Late game you want to move damage with Relentless Pursuit, Bossk's ability, and dumping Main Plaza.

Partnership and Force Speed are really helpful for action cheating, as the best moves in this deck are 1-2 punches when the opponent thinks they are safe. Showing 4 damage on Kylo Ren's dice when the opponent has a character with 6 hp left and 3 shields, they probably won't be expecting you to use Force Speed special->Unyielding->Relentless Pursuit. That's potentially a second-action assassination for 1 resource.

I play this like a control deck, where my focus is less on doing what I want and more on shutting down what they want. I spend money before they can disrupt it, use lots of abilities to kill the character they are protecting most, and move damage around enough to mess with their long term planning. also it should never overkill anything. Triggering things like Second Chance becomes a lot more efficient, and it gives you a head start on damage for the next character.

Cheat is a great way to get back Relentless Pursuit and recover critical losses from being milled. Fair Trade is a fun, since this is the broke-est deck ever, but I often don't have much to do with the money so it's not worth running 2. I mostly use it to rob Lando/Unkar decks to be a jerk. Truce is just fine with me, as I don't much care to bother disrupting. Me going from 0 to 1 resource is worth putting my opponent up to 4 from 3.

Bossk's die is mostly there to be used to trigger Deadly. His job is to move a damage and be a bullet sponge. The occasional 3 is great, but not really worth a Vibroknife.

Lure of Power goes on best on Kylo, but I put it on Bossk sometimes as well. It is versatile and synergizes really well with Power of the Dark Side.

Stolen Cache gets a lot of hate, and I honestly hated it when I first saw it. But it works well in this deck, since it keeps the resource safely behind a Support, and if someone wins the rollout and we play Docking Bay (since it's so dang popular), it becomes a free resource every turn.

I am really hoping that this deck develops well into the Legacies meta. I foresee lots of shields(which this deck can completely ignore), and lots of preparation to deal with indirect damage, and this is pretty much the polar opposite of that. I'm also holding out hope for a 1-2 point Plot that ups the game for this deck, since I have to run rBossk to stay under 30.

Input/Comments welcome!


LightlySaltedNut 1

I have found out I've been playing Partnership wrong. I switched them for a copy each of Improvisation and Fast Hands

LightlySaltedNut 1

Not improvisation, Infamous