Speed and Shields

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maximus 392

Good balance is the idea behind this version of this duo. Here are the numbers speaking by themselves:

8 Ambush weapon giving 2 actions when played on Rey - Force Prodigy plus 1 shield on Han Solo - Scoundrel. 2 Force Speed to be played on her also. The 4 other upgrades are for defense. 2 Force Illusion and 2 Second Chance assure you a good survivability with 2 Hold On! helping to put shields from Han Solo - Scoundrel to Rey - Force Prodigy. If you can chain 2 ambush upgrade (one overwrite or pay 4 after a "Fair" Trade) on Rey - Force Prodigy in any giving round, you gets 2 shields on Han Solo - Scoundrel and 3 actions. Add to that a special resolution from Force Speed and you get 4 actions. This is enough for activating Rey - Force Prodigy, activating Han Solo - Scoundrel, one reroll of your bad dices and resolving those you want without any possibility of mitigation.

2 Infamous are also key cards to transform 6 non-ambush events and the 2 Second Chance in ambush cards giving a shield to Han Solo - Scoundrel at the same time.

You want to start the game with at least 1 or 2 events for mitigation, 1 Infamous, 1 Force Speed and 1 or 2 ambush weapon. You will also get a great advantage by starting with your battlefield to get your Force Illusion and Second Chance or an ambush upgrade from the discard for the next round.

With "Fair" Trade, you can get money from your opponent if he accumulates it for Rise Again or Endless Ranks. 10 mitigations cards are there to assure you minimum damage against you each round. Unpredictable is great to be played on an opponent big dice giving Han Solo - Scoundrel a shield at the same time. 18 yellow cards out of 30 means Kylo Ren - Tormented One might be a difficult match-up but play 2 or 3 ambush cards each turn to give Han Solo - Scoundrel shields might be enough for survival because he should be the first target of your opponent. Shield him fast or put a Force Illusion or Second Chance fast on him.

Having 8 ambush weapons, 12 ambush cards total does not need absolutely an Infamous from the start. It is a nice to have but you should play the maximum of ambush cards from the start to load Han Solo - Scoundrel with shields. Maybe putting a Force Illusion on Rey - Force Prodigy on the first round and playing 2 ambush cards would protect them both pretty much on first round. If you don't play your battlefield, put the 2 shields according to your hand. If you can play 1 ambush from your hand, put one shield on each. If you can play 2 ambush from your hand , put both on Rey - Force Prodigy. You have 12 cards costing zero. It will help you play ambush upgrades and mitigate with zero-cost event. You want ideally Loth-Cat and Mouse or Sound The Alarm or Unpredictable in your starting hand plus Force Speed.

The longer these two can stay alive, the more chances you will win.

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