A Random Throw-Together That Works, eKanan eChewy

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bootchas 132

Gotta get those 2


RobBarg 3

Is this your brother's deck? Looks a bit modified

bootchas 132

This is exactly it.

Piffo 43

My feeling is that the upgrade suite is a bit too large. Would cut Rey's Lightsaber and Fast Hands: in my experience with Kanan, rolling him in advance allows to have a pretty fast turn, hence not needing fast hands.

this obviously depends on playstyle. regarding Port District - Bespin, you are playing it with a total of 6 3-cost cards in your deck: despite being a good portion of the deck, I would be more scared of mono-blue, lightsabers and support-heavy decks.

why not try Power Generator Trench - Death Star I when Legacies comes out (already out here in Italy, tried it with good success!) or Imperial Armory - Death Star?