Vader Raider - With what I have

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RobBarg 3

THIS DECK IS NOT COMPLETE. This is just what I''m currently working with in terms of cards. I normally run Darth Vader - Sith Lord with MagnaGuard but I wanted to see what a blue/yellow deck would be like. I when for forced abilities over weapons so I could focus on cards like BD-1 Cutter Vibro-AX and Rise Again. Lightsaber Pull is only used to get the best out of my only copy of Ancient Lightsaber. It Binds All Things, Imperial Armory - Death Star, and Sith Holocron allow you to get upgrades on the board as fast as possible. Kylo Ren's Lightsaber is used as a discard to re-roll due to its high price and is brough back though the use of Rise Again. As You Command is an amazing card with Darth Vader - Sith Lord due to Vader's 2 being pretty useless in a aggro deck (you can also surprise them by turning 3 into a win). The majority of your dice mitigation is in yellow event cards like He Doesn't Like You and the other majority of you events are damage dealing, like the insane Force Strike. I'm going to test this deck at my local tournament soon and I'll make an update when I do.

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