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jascyn 8

This deck was built directly as a result of seeing R2P2 running in the top levels of tourneys. I studied R2P2 to specifically understand what it's doing well and why. First and foremost Poe is the key to the deck imo. His special chain provides dice manipulation (yours or opponents) and a shield for each of his char specs resolved. That alone provides a form of action cheat wherein u actually get 2 action benefits for each of his specials. This is key in efficiency of turn and synergy with reys shield ability. 2nd reys ability to ping for damage plus her fairly consistent char dice make for a daunting challenge to overcome especially when she gets kitted out. In addition the chars have 11 hp each and the ability to shield up pretty regularly. Their consistent damage that accumulates every round and shielding is the consistency part but they are also using light bow which can also special chain into poes dice and its bleak looking at them round 2 or 3.

My strategy with the deck is straightforward. I matched up on 2 chars for health. Bossk and FN. There needed to be an equivalent for Poes cheat ability and that is really only FN. I believe FN is probably the strongest char in game with his weapon roll in ability. Fn wasn't nerfed as his ability was being abused by the overwrite rule. Anytime a weapon is played on him that die can get rolled in and resolved if able. That is the basic poe counter.

Both bossk and fn have mixed damage and that works fine. Damage is damage and tempo matters. Rerolls break the tempo and staying in front is not critical but helps in maintaining the battlefield - Cargo Hold. When claiming u want to disrupt their synergy by moving poes gun to rey or reys sabers to poe. It breaks their strategy a bit which depending on the player could tilt them too. If they move your weapons it doesn't hurt as much cause they help either bossk or fn. To offset costs on the 2x and 3x on fn and bossk respectively I put in imperial HQ, imperial discipline and imp war machine. All the weapons save baton and axe are 2. Logistics is very important to pick up 2 bucks and play a weapon even on an exhausted fn. They will focus down on fn so make use of his ability. In my testing I rarely took shields cause of the tempo loss. Goal is to beat down a char quickly and I usually target poe cause of his special ability. They will play sound the alarm and don't be afraid to take the resources you may just rolled after the card is played. Being up on the money pays off all day long for this build. Vibro knife and vibro axe are in this for obvious reasons. I typically mulligan for a 2 cost weapon with ambush, a logistics and an imp HQ or imp war machine. Remember that electro staff will also offset that melee for res cost. R2P2 is hardly a thinking persons deck and it requires very little strategy to play with it. To play the bossk/fn deck requires a bit of safe money mngt to play for damage if u can't offset. Don't be afraid to leave a 1 or 2 damage on board to move poes gun or shoto from rey to poe to prevent her shield gain. This is a critical piece of their deck.

Other note, I tried to put in fair amount of redeploy. Use the bf move ability to move a baton or axe to bossk. Also bossk can move an opponents damage each activation. Don't waste damage on their shields if at all possible. Relentless pursuit allows you to also move 2 damage for free. Keep that in mind when they shield up a char. If u have vibro on a char it matters not at that point. Always make your damage count as much as possible but take care in actions before a claim. Tactical mastery helps in those cases which should allow a reroll now and then. Hope this helps someone. Lets take down the R2P2 deck.


crawwurm 132

r2p2 actually requires a good deal of strategy. interesting choice to run 0 removal

jascyn 8

I can't disagree necessarily unless you provide an example of what requires strategy for r2p2. Unless they roll in with rey first that are likely putting the gun on poe first turn if they can. Sure if they hit shoto or ancient first they'll play that but poe is the engine and a kitted out rey is the clincher. They heal up damage where necessary and its lights out for the oan play really and amazingly quickly. In all fairness, the competitive decks don't have a lot of surprises as they do have consistency. The only surprise is "man I felt shut down the time". The mitigation is a tempo loss and I think it's why people are losing to the r2p2 deck. My opinion is totally opinion of course though I can say that if u mitigate, you know r2p2 is rinse and repeat next round so why mitigate when it costs u a die and/or money and a turn. One of your chars is going down against r2p2 fo sho. Competitive (constructed decks) destiny is the worst incarnation of this game and frankly a matter of attrition and who can deal most damage quickly. Its why supports aren't competitive (multiple vehicles) despite being one of the more exciting aspects of this game along with well timed events. The only thinking that occurs for r2p2 is how to handle mirror matches though I'm sure this statement offends. The only effective mitigation in competitive destiny is removal events rather than just changing dice sides (yes villain has some events that work with blanks but how often can u use them without the tempo loss). The most consistent decks win for a reason. If poe gets his gun rd1, it's hi prob for min of 3 damage + 2 shields before rey rolls in and an even higher prob that ur going to lose a char by end of rd 2. I'm curious how many non mirror matches go beyond round 4 against r2p2 unless its a mirror match of r2p2. My guess is the game feels pretty much over after rd 2 against r2p2 if u didn't hit what u needed for your chars. My build essentially shakes up the game putting early pressure on the opponent with fn's weapon roll in ability. The ambush on his weapon gives u a step extra on his special chain and then u can shake them up on their weapon placement too. Ideally fn/bossk can win the roll off with a max of 10 but like any build there are ifs. I tested this deck only twice against r2p2 and won both those times but every other deck I built and tested multiple games lost every time to r2p2 even with bad rolls for r2p2. If u don't believe me count how many times r2p2 discards to reroll. Just sayin ;-).

jascyn 8

a couple of quick edits to my prior comment:

"and its lights out for the other player really quickly."

"The ambush on FN's weapon gives u a step extra on Poe's potential special chain and then u can shake them up on their weapon placement too with the battlefield claim."

CrowOfGames 9

Why Hound's Tooth instead of something like Backup Muscle, Drop Zone or Infamous? Also wondering why no Deadly or Fast Hands. Seems like with a few tweaks for more damage movement, faster actions or more actions for chaining would work well, but just curious what your thoughts are on some tweaks.