When the Rebel met the Knight

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SeventhSonGames1380 66

I found that this deck can quickly overpower an opponent, especially with Kanan's ability.

Ideally, you want to have a Force Speed and an It Binds All Things in your initial hand, along with a 2 cost blue upgrade, such as Ancient Lightsaber. Force Speed goes on Kanan, always, as it makes him more of a priority target, leaving Luke free to attack. It Binds All Thing will prove really useful late game, especially when you bring out Master of the Council as it allows you to play it for 2 instead of 4, or 1 if you're using Reaping The Crystal (Play Reaping The Crystal first, then activate It Binds All Things).

Ancient Lightsaber is there for 2 reasons. Firstly, against another aggro deck, the 2 heal can prove invaluable in keeping both Luke and Kanan alive. Against a Mill deck, it will more often than not prevent you from decking out. Just play it as your first action each round, then remove it to keep your deck alive.

At Peace works wonders for mitigation, so long as you're willing to spend 2 to play it, although once you get 2 It Binds All Things, this deck soon has a lot of resources to spend.

As a further method of keeping both characters alive, use Defensive Stance and Take Cover respectively. Defensive Stance is prefered, due to having 2 instead of 1, but Take Cover is cheaper and more useful in a pinch.

This deck is also pretty heavy on mitigation, with Mind Trick, Overconfidence, Sound The Alarm and Voices Cry Out. Just remember to be careful when using Voices Cry Out, as it will force you to reroll ALL dice with a value greater than 2, including your own.


tunewalker 33

What would you suggest if you only have 1 force speed and 1 Ancient Lightsaber?

SeventhSonGames1380 66

@tunewalkersince even one Ancient Lightsaber can stop you from decking out against a mill deck, and provides healing anyway, even 1 is useful and allows for more mitigation. Force Speed isn't a necessary part of this deck, although helps to get the claim quicker for the shields.

Bearing in mind this deck doesn't include Legacies cards, I would suggest a single Caution, as although it removes a character die, you are getting 3 shields on your other character, which can keep them alive.

As for the second card, you could add either Riposte, which works well against Mill decks as you will tend to stack shields, or Willpower which works against aggro decks to move damage around.