The Art of Shielding

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SeventhSonGames1380 66

This deck is designed as an alternative to the Qui-Gon/Rey deck that is quite often seen.

I prefer General Rieekan - Defensive Mastermind to Qui-Gon Jinn - Ataru Master purely because he gives us access to certain Red cards you can't get in the Qui/Rey decks, as well as his two sides.

Ideally, you want an It Binds All Things and a Jedi Robes on your initial draw. If you don't get them, mulligan for them. Play Binds as your first action, then get a Jedi Robes on Rey.

As soon as you get your second It Binds All Things out, you can start to get some serious shields on Rey, as it means you can potentially play 2 Shoto Lightsaber's per round (One for 0 using Binds, and one for the usual 2), then activate her for an easy 2 shields. Or, it means you can play Handcrafted Light Bow for only 1.

I'm also running a single C-3PO and a single R2-D2 in this deck. With 3PO, you can deal damage with Rey using her discard, shield and resource side, and with Rieekan you can resolve his 2 as a 2, or vice versa. On the other hand, R2's special allows you to take 3 or 3 on Rieekan's dice, and a handy on Rey.

For mitigation, I went with Clash, which also turns Rey's dice to a side, Distraction, Guard, Overconfidence, Recon, Sound the Alarm and Voices Cry Out, although this may also force you to reroll Rieekan's dice or Rey's dice.

Hit and Run is useful mid game, when Rey has shields on her, as it can be used to fire off both General Rieekan's ability and Rey's ability simultaneously due to it's Ambush ability. It's a Trap! can be used to turn 2 of your dice to a side showing on an opponents dice, which works in favor if they play a shields or melee damage deck. Field Medic is purely for the healing capabilities late game.

I went with Obi-Wan's Hut - Tatooine instead of Echo Base - Hoth, as Rieekaan does not necessarily need shields, and it makes claiming less useful for the opponent if they have no blue characters.

Input appreciated.

~~ SeventhSonGames1380

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