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Lopsinho 1

what does thrawn bring to the table??? you can have tie pilot and trooper, which ever phasma ( both have a focus), even krenic might be better.

Darik_grey 93

@Lopsinho - My idea behind having Thrawn here is that his ability to give me hand knowledge will let me know the opportune time for my focus plays and Leadership plays on Bossk. I'll want to do it on a turn when I know (or at least have a good idea) that they don't have the right removal in hand to defuse my Leadership play. Also, just an overall ability to make smart plays later in the turn after looking at the opponent's hand come from having the Grand Admiral. Every so often you can get a good Feint out of Thrawn and then - since he's ready again - go for the Leadership play on the turn in which you discarded their removal card. This deck is almost like a dark mirror of the old Skybar deck for heroes, but Thrawn is a lot less squishy than Admiral Ackbar and so hopefully will stick around longer enabling Leadership. The removal suite in the deck will also hopefully keep Bossk alive long enough to hit hard at least three times per game. I'm considering removing Vibroknucklers to make room for Armed to the Teeth to give Bossk one last punch before he is defeated - or for Thrawn to use as a finisher after he's got a few upgrades played on him or redeployed to him.

willfrye 196

Why only Melee upgrades when Bossk - Wookiee Slayer has only 1 Melee side? He wants blasters.