YoDameron - Texas Regional Runner-Up (Updated)

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DJStormtrooper 243

This is the deck I took to a 2nd place finish at the Dallas, Texas Regional on 1/20/18. This is a slightly updated version of the deck. The original had All In, 2x Planetary Uprising and Lightsaber Pull. In this draft, I've switched them out for 2x Force Wave and Dive/Defend. I think that will increase its damage output and give it better shot against decks like the Aayla Secura - Jedi General/Padawan/Padawan that won.

My matchups: Palpatine - Win Aayla/Padawan/Padawan - Win Ahsoka/Yoda - Win Obi/Maz - Loss Phasma2/Boba - Win R2P2 - Win Aayla/Padawan/Padawan - Loss

Cut: Obi/Maz - 2 - 0 Win Mother 5s - 2 - 0 Win Aayla/Padawan/Padawan - 0 - 2 Loss

So three of my four losses were to the same deck that went on to beat me. The one other loss to Obi/Maz was some hot rolling. He got back-to-back natural sixes with Obi to get a round 2 kill of Yoda.

Overall, I think this is very strong! Enjoy!


Screamious 1

Had lots of success with your previous version in play testing and loved getting out Planetary Uprising. I did find it to be a bit short on removal and was working out what to do there. SO another question I had would be why not 2 unblockable from the lightsaber special? I want to find a way to build my own version of what you had going but figured no better person to ask than you.

krez 447

Like @Screamious, I enjoyed playing your deck and liked using PU's. I used to play a lot of Han/Snap in SoR so this deck gave me a similar feeling.

Have you tried Hit and Run? I've found I really like it to help me get all my dice out in the pool faster.

Caprid 220

Big fan of your deck. I've played a slightly modified versions on TTS and have yet to loose with it. So I agree that it is really strong. Not a huge fan of New Orders, so I might run something else instead. Any suggestions? :)

DJStormtrooper 243

@Screamious the Lightsaber has essentially an extra blank side in the +2 melee. Canto Bight Pistol can have more consistent damage.

DJStormtrooper 243

@krez yeah, I tried hit and run and decided the speed just wasn’t needed. A Force Speed on Yoda provides essentially the same effect.

DJStormtrooper 243

@Caprid I haven’t tried Dug In yet.

Screamious 1

@DJStormtrooper I can see that for sure. I did like the hit and run a bit as I noticed poe being targeted more frequently in my testing and that allowed me to kill a character before they could kill him a few times and get in surprise damage they couldn't mitigate. I think I might agree with the planetary. I love the card but you do need to be able to focus a character down otherwise you lose a character before they do kind of thing. Still really curious when to use retreat. I have found it to be dead almost every time I have it in hand. You explained it a bit on the podcast but I still can't figure out when to use it other than maybe against a vehicle deck.

barrinmstr 7

Have you considered running Jedi Temple - Coruscant as your Battlefield? I like the idea and have a similar deck built. I like the free die mitigation your BF provides, but the premise of ripping two events of my choice every turn is quite heady. Thoughts?

DJStormtrooper 243

@barrinmstr I looked at that as a potential field. I’d have to test it. Would certainly have been helpful in the regionals final.

DJStormtrooper 243

@Screamious you have to plan your turn around retreat. It needs to be roll/roll/resolve/retreat. You can do it even faster with a Force Speed

Moophisto 402

How essential do you think the damage from Force Wave is? I feel like i'd prefer Force Throw in that slot. Do you think that having to roll out then sit on the throw special until your opponent hits something worth it would slow you down too much?

TheSky3 81

First of all, awesome deck and congrats on the finish. What do you think about Force Misdirection? I'm thinking to clear out specials. Problem is it tempts me to go slower and wait. Thoughts?

maddenman 1

Awesome deck! Do you know what cards were used in the Aayla Padawan Padawan decks that beat you and hurt the most? Trying to make this deck work against them too!

DJStormtrooper 243

@Moophisto``@TheSky3 both of those would slow the deck down. I tried Force Misdirection and didn’t get any use out of it.

DJStormtrooper 243

@maddenman the Hyperloops wrote about both decks here: www.thehyperloops.com

Screamious 1

@DJStormtrooper won a local tournament with my take on your deck last night. And I only faced all 2 character teams and based on what you said wasn't sure if it would be right to play the Force Wave and be hitting myself for one. I did keep Planetary Uprising in my list and it won me 2 of the games by itself, good ol double planetary claim, claim for the win. I like most of the other changes but moving Retreat to a one of in my deck seems to be a good idea, mostly because it seems like nearly all the decks in my meta are trying to be as quick as possible and are only an action or two behind me at all times so retreat wouldn't make a difference. I see it being a blow out against a vehicle list or 3 character list as well.

GameKnight 14

What do you think of Sensor Placement - I have had suggestions to put this in.

DJStormtrooper 243

It’s a good meta call right now. Would run more than 1 tho