Obi-Maz TOP8 at Barcelona REGIONAL

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Ascar 45

After filling all the required forms i got the go to assist to the BCN regional. All right!!!. Not having played at tournament level during the last 9 months i wanted a nearly autoplay deck. And that's it!!!

I went undefeated during the swiss getting me to the 4th.

I got a 1-2 on the Top 8 against a Kallus-Talzin deck that got me out of the tournament.


My pairings (as i rememer) where:

  • eRey2 - eAaayla. I focused on Aayla, Rey2 was a hardest opponent to get rid off.
  • eInquisitor - Ciena - Discarded the Sith Holocron , that slowed it down so i could finish the Inquisitor.
  • eKrenninc - Ciena - A good game that My Ally Is The Force won for me with a Obi-Wan Kenobi's Lightsaber Special resolved twice with 3 shields on ...
  • Kallus - Mother Talzin - My top 8 opponent. I focused on Kallus. An aggressive deck with dice control i got so many difficulties with.
  • eBoba - Kylo2 - A double special on Boba and a Obi dice with a 3 left me at turn one with a near zombizided Obi. I managed to shield up and control the round thanks to the no appearance of shield removers that my opponent's bad luck made to be under the whole deck.

Hason42 13

Do you still like “It binds all things” over “Reaping the Crystal” or other options and have tried or thought about another location such as “Outpost” for resources? Along with any other updates or changes? Congrats on making the top 8 also!

Ascar 45

@Hason42 for me a card in hand is an slot that can be another thing. Also Reaping The Crystal is only for cost 3 upgrades. And I had shoto's and ancients. So the only use would had been for Obi's saber, heirloom and the bow. Just 4 cards was not worth it.