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As a note, the Legacies Luke and Boba starters were NOT allowed at the Portland regional.

This deck went 6-2 in the Swiss rounds, losing only to two of the top 4 seeded decks, one of which was my opponent in the top 8, who I beat 2-0.

An in depth deck tech and overview of the Regional tournament will be posted to our Patreons at the link below and will be put up on our website shortly thereafter!

EDIT: Quick note, there's an error with the deck list -- I was running -1 Wave and +1 Frighten for the event.

-- Lasci




Gold Leader 8

What would you swap, if anything, from the starters?

Dave Sharona 606

Heirloom, most likely.

EliteWampa 1

I love this deck. I'm curious, how often did you get to use Rise Again? The deck is so expensive already, was balancing damaging and resources generation an issue?

Lasci 87

@Gold LeaderHeirloom, obviously, but it's... actually hard to slot in? I like the deck a lot as is. Maul's Lightsaber is another thing I didn't get enough time to test; I actually didn't own one before the end of the weekend and didn't push too hard to borrow a copy from anyone.

@EliteWampa I got it off any game that I wanted to. The article goes more in depth on the specifics, but this deck doesn't actually struggle for resources despite appearances. If you plan well around the fact that you have Rise Again in your deck, it isn't terribly hard to make sure you have the resources when you need them. Of course, things can be tight, but in general, I didn't feel too pressured to push for resources on a given turn unless my opponent was consistently outputting more damage than I was, which only happened in two games that were practically impossible to come back in. By Round 3 or 4, I usually naturally had the resources to resolve Rise Again with a little bit of conservation / resource generation on that round.

Rorik 37

Why the starters were not allowed. Isn't it weird?

Gold Leader 8

FFG rules are that a To can decide what is legal, but it must be available for sale at the event. They didn't have enough starters so this they were not allowed.

Lasci 87

@Gold Leader``@Rorik To clarify, starters were definitely on sale during the event. There was a very outspoken minority that was upset about Legacies being legal for the regional. The tournament runners did a lot of work making sure that there was more than enough product available, not only locally, but also online. Ditching starters was a small compromise.


I gonna play Heirloom Lightsaber instead of Force Wave. This deck seems slow to get off the ground and expensive do to all the one cost events. So I am also playing Outer Rim Outpost - Nal Hutta to help out. It is slow to get things out but should be fast to claim.

Gold Leader 8

@Lasci True, I should clarify that they weren't sure two weeks in advance that they would have enough stock to have the starters on sale at the event so they had to make the call then to not allow them.

Moophisto 402

What was the reason for Kylo vs. Maul?

EliteWampa 1

@Moophisto I would guess because Kylo has a better ability and he has 3 melee sides instead of 2.