e7thSister/eTarkin - 3rd place Highlander Regional - 02/2018

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nismojoe 66

74-75 player Regional. 6-1 swiss. 4th seed. 2-0 top 8. 1-2 top 4.

I chose 1 feel your anger/1 overconfidence over 2x feel your anger because I was preparing to go up against hondos and yodas and was fearful of all the special chaining going around. The only special chaining deck I went up against was Joe K's (4th place) epoe/eaayla.

Round 1: ephasma/eboba - I feel i got lucky with not many specials popping up for my opponent and a few errors he made such as overwriting instead of activating, then activating the wrong character, etc.

Round 2: eyoda/aayla/padawan - nothing worth mentioning. opponent played well and didn't make any mistakes. I focused Yoda>aayla>padawan

Round 3: Riggs Mohler's eyoda/maz/hera triple spot gloss (top 8'd) - Riggs was my only swiss loss. He vomitted vehicles quickly and I could not keep up with all the dice. Caution plays and grabbing shields made my Tarkin power action basically worthless while his bigger supports did the heavy lifting.

Rounds 4-5-6-7: I honestly cant remember the order I played these decks. epoe/eaayla (Joe K. 4th place finish) / 2x erose/eaayle/ezra? and I cant remember one of my opponents. Some key plays here were abusing 2x force speed specials into things like manipulate into Angering my opponent's bomber 6 indirect into a tarkin power action. I was insanely lucky against one of my opponents (Chris T) rolling 3-4 lightning specials in a row and removing their key dice like bombers and character dice.

Top 8 (Dave Faydel) - esabine/kanan - Again, this one was just me getting lucky Sabine not rolling damage for both games and having one Anger play for Sabine's own 3dmg side. 2-0 in less than 30 minutes. Sabine's rolls betrayed him. Nail in the coffin was double force speed special into damage to pop 2nd chance and an additional 5 for the heal.

Top 4 - Joe Colon's OTK (e7thsister/nightsister/ciena) - I never practiced against this deck but I figured the best way to deal with it was discard. Game 1 went great for me getting multiple discard sides and emptying as much of his hand as I could. Dumping his leaderships was key. One turn I scorched earth for 7 and he chose to soak it all on the force illusion. I feel that was where I won the game as he dumped a huge chunk of his deck. He still managed to rise again twice that game for 3 and 5, then ancient once. That was me not paying attention to his resources. I managed to slowly keep chipping away at him until all he had left in his deck was his ancient. He said I was the only person on the day to kill his 7th sister. Small moral victory!? Games 2-3 were both losses for me as he got god hands, god rolls,and god resources. Everything fell in place for him at the exact time he wanted/needed them to. Game 2 he wiped Tarkin off the map turn 1 and I'm not even sure why I didn't scoop there. Game 3 was equally demoralizing as his Maul saber somehow had 7 sides showing +4x. It felt like he started with his deck in his hand and 100 resources. It was bad.

Thank you to Highlander Games for hosting the Regional!

Congratulations to Joe and Mike (The Hyperloops) for a repeat Gencon performance taking 1st and 2nd.


allenirish66 3

Dude your deck rolled smooth. I was the round two beatdown. Only loss that day that made me rethink life

nismojoe 66

Hey Allen, I remember you. Sorry, my deck was doing really well that day, up until the last 2 games.

allenirish66 3

Those last two were rough. I saw his hands for game 2 and 3 both rounds and swore he hand picked them. Other than that man congrats on the finish.