Your Concern Is Hardly Warranted - 2 wide

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Your Concern Is Hardly Warranted - 2 wide 0 0 0 2.0

quixote 88

Revisiting an older deck that I think gets better in Legacies.

-Mulligan hard for Wingman.
-If you don't start with the battlefield or lose it for some reason, Lockdown. -Play ambush weapons like Holdout Blaster and Hidden Blaster action cheat. This ensures you will almost always have the battlefield and the resource card ramp that comes with it and its building one of your finisher's Drop Zone.
-Tactical Mastery + We Have Them Now or All In and the focus chaining of Director Krennic - Cruel but Brilliant and Commanding Presence means some giant damage turns.
-If the game goes long, instead of 22 health, you can have 32 health with Endless Ranks.


trooperhuge 15

Where are you getting the money to get Endless Ranks out?

quixote 88

@trooperhuge I agree this is a problem. I didn't catch it initially. In previous builds I did have the money because I had two Imperial HQ and Lockdown. In this build I felt starved for resrouces. I was thinking, I can just not buy something on a turn and since I am always claiming i'll get 3 so I'll have the 5. But in practice, I think I need Lockdown and change the DH-17 Blaster Pistol to two Imperial Discipline