The Hallway Scene: Vader

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SushiGeaux 10

The other day I was watching the infamous Hallway scene from Rogue One and I thought: We have Vader...we have troopers...let's make a new 2 player set! I've tested it 9 or 10 times on TTS (because i don't have all the cards), and it is a blast to play! Play testing gave Vader a 60-70% win rate. It's built to give Vader the advantage and the rebels a glimmer of hope. Almost every game goes down to the wire either way. Super thematic!

This is the Vader loadout.

See The Hallway Scene: Rebels for the Rebel loadout.


Wizardgaming 23 1

If only you could have several plot cards

SushiGeaux 10

@Wizardgamming 23

Yes, if only! But in this instance, any other plots on Vader would give him too much of an advantage. The preemptive strike plot actually gives Vader the perfect slight edge over the Rebels. Without it, i think he would loose over half of the matches.