Baby Vader needs a bib for tuna

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Scorpio Bandito - CloudCityCasuals 318

Uh-oh, looks like baby Vader hungry and he’s throwing a temper tantrum! All we have to eat right now is tuna salad, so you better get that baby a bib, cuz it’s about to get messy!

Now, Hopefully you’re a good babysitter, because I Doubt that Vader’s going to let you feed him without putting up a fight! Don’t have too much Overconfidence in your babysitting skills though, we both know already that He Doesn't Like You, and he can be pretty Cunning!

Having a hard time keeping him still? You could take a bite of it and pretend it tastes good, but baby Vader knows you have a Hidden Motive, and he’s not gonna fall for tricks like that! Now I know you’re starting to Feel Your Anger, but don’t go reaching for that Vibroknife just yet! You can Rise Again from this defeat! Offer him some candy, make a Truce with the little killer!

Look at you go! You got the baby fed! Now he’s ready to play! Just remember to keep him away from the family’s Heirloom Lightsaber, and make sure he doesn’t use those crayons to Vandalize the walls!


Aestein 35

So good

derekstanggt 1


swiffermopninja 1

This was really hard to read. Well done.

RebelTraitor 109

is this a serious deck?

Scorpio Bandito - CloudCityCasuals 318

@RebelTraitor Yes, and no. I just really wanted to make a Bib/ Baby Vader deck. I don’t expect it to run amazingly but it should still be able to put in some work

truth123 305

i tested around with this deck when ;legacies was revealed, however i didn't have any luck with it.

zoddrag0n 1

Bib is awful, it makes you have another 1/3 of Vader part of the way, and nothing at all when Vader dies

CushionRide 77

lol the description was amazing lol i love it

Scorpio Bandito - CloudCityCasuals 318

@zoddrag0n I only played it once so far but I did find that this deck can do insane damage early game just by getting Vader’s dice through multiple times, and with an opening hand of BD-1 Cutter Vibro-AX and No Good To Me Dead I managed to get 11 damage out round 1

Gaute&Filip 21

The maximum damage output on turn one seems to be 15, but you'll have to roll pretty amazing to make that happen. (Double specials on Vader, resolve for 6. Then cunning on Bib, roll for 3 specials. Resolve Cunning as Vader special. Resolve Bib special to roll 2 Vader dice back in. Get another double special on Vader, and resolve for 6)

joemasilotti 1246

@Gaute&Filip isn't it 18?

Of course that assumes perfect rolls and a way of getting 2 additional resources. But in theory that could be from 2x Truce or Well-Connected.

Gaute&Filip 21

True dat. Didn't think of the possibility of double cunning out from the start. So, yeah, it's 18. But the odds of that would be 0,00023% (I did the math) only with the dice. And given that you have to start a specific combination of 4 cards in hand the odds are astronomical.

Tuark 228

Liked for the write up. Too good!

DreWooo 1

@joemasilotti if you cunning Vader special you do you do damage to yourself?

Scorpio Bandito - CloudCityCasuals 318

@DreWooo Yes, when you use cunning’s special, you use the special of another card as if you were using that other cards die essentially, so if you use cunning to use Vader’s soecial, Vader takes that 1 damage from his special still