Buns and Guns TOP 16 worlds deck

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whatwhengames 207

eThis is deck I piloted to a top 16 appearance at Worlds 2018

Day 1

Hero vehicles- Loss

Rey Ayla- Win

Thrawn Talzin- Win

Obi Maz- Win

Rey Ayla- Win

Yoda Hondo- Win

Day 2

Yoda Hondo- Loss

Yoda Hondo- Win

Yoda Hondo- Win

Top 16 Sabine Ezra- Loss 0-2

Final record 7-4

Side notes: The Relby mortar gun never made it to the table in a single game, it was included for 3 and 4 character lists in case I faced them, it could easily be replaced with crystal ball or Dark council, for focus and early dice.

derived from: I saw the character combination from someone else and built the deck from scratch plus I've played aurra jango in the past


BubbaHoTep 1

How many cards did you go through per round? Did you almost mill yourself out?

whatwhengames 207

I usually ended a round with one or two cards... only game that was close to mill was my top 16 against mike gemme where his last card he pitched was for the win... I had 3 cards in hand and 0 in deck at that point... most games were pretty quick

JBowser 56

Congratulations! This seems pretty solid, but I just can't get over the card art on Aurra Sing - Deadly Shot.

PoolParty1990 178

Can you speak to your experience with Witch Magick in that deck? 6 even cards makes it seem iffy. But to be fair I get nervous with only 2 evens in my Kylo/Talzin deck so maybe I’m just overthinking it!

Obviously you’re doing it right if you made it to Top 16!! Congrats man! I loved hearing that Aurra made it that far! She’s been one of my favorites for a long time now.

whatwhengames 207

`@PoolParty1990 well witch magik worked the entire tournament until I needed it most in my top 16 match when I revealed 2 even costed cards...and this was roUnd one... when I had already drawn 2... so with 4 remaining and 25 cards in deck I have an 84 percent chance of drawing odd and unfortunately it didn't work at that point... but I never ran into to many issues drawing evens... because my first hand I was always looking for evens... I only missed on talzins ability 4 times over 11 games.... with multiple activations

PoolParty1990 178

@whatwhengames that’s how it always happens! Just what you need it most! Haha. I’m still super stoked to try this deck out. It looks super fun!

Epro 538

I told Bowie the redeploy guns at 2 cost are vital additions but he didn't believe me. Is Hidden Motive not in just because of 0 cost?

whatwhengames 207

@Epro correct my first version of the deck had 4 evens with just the redeployes... but the fast hands were just way to explosive in certain matchups.. if I add hidden motive I'd remove witch magik and add an infinite more evens including but not limited to bait and switch

Chi3f1n6 1

Lol the SWDDB peanut gallery is grilling a deck that placed 17th at Worlds ... smh

lev 1

@Epro do you happen to know if Bowie's list can be found anywhere online or is he still keeping it a secret?

Bowie 333



The description has a link to the version we took to Worlds, and an article.

Vitalogy10 7

Bravo on the name alone!