2018 World Championship Top 8 - Rey Aayla (Jedi Trials)

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DHaus 478

I'm DHaus from the Jedi Trials podcast, and I made top 8 at Worlds with this deck. I went 5-1 day 1C, 2-1 on day 2, and then lost in the top 8 to Mike Gemme (BobbySapphire from the Hyperloops) in top 8, who was running Sabine/Ezra. Ironically Mike is the one who convinced me to run this deck in the first place!

Nothing too crazy here! Fairly straight forward iteration of the deck. I went for straight value and consistency. I'll be debriefing more of my Worlds experience on the next episode of the Jedi Trials (www.TheJediTrials.com).


Deck104 61

"honestly just play rey aayla and minimize mistakes. you'll be fine just roll out aayla first action most rounds to set up your mitigation" Two simple sentences and you top 8 worlds. What a champion!!!

artyzipp 1

I consistently struggle against Qui-Gon shield pinging decks, especially with Luke's protection. Hoping this deck will be good.