Palpatine's new clothes - Top 16 European Champs

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THE OG Palp (9-3/16-5 @ KublaCon's GQ) - Monk's Baby :) 46 32 42 1.0
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Palpatine's new clothes - little changes 3 2 2 1.0

aces1973 58


After a couple of months running Rey/Aayla I decided on the morning of the tournament to run my tried and trusted Palpatine (not in this form but i have been playing Palps since he came out).

After hearing about Monks naked Palps build I threw something together and in the end settled for this build. And boy does it do nasty stuff.

6-2 in swiss

Win - Talzin/Bala/Trooper Win - Old Han/Rey (Repect for running this classic) Win - Rey/Aayla Loss - Zeb/Yoda (Really tense close game). Win - Rey/Aayla Loss - QGJ/Aayla (massive misplay by me in this which led to 10+ hp swing in the game). Win - Palpatine (almost a complete mirror match). Awesome as we knew Palps was going to be in day 2!!

Win - top 32 against Talzin/Bala/Trooper 2-0 loss - top 16 to Obi/Maz 0-2 (second game was close but outplayed by a good player)

I am now looking to tweek it based on the games played over the weekend. 6-2 in swiss, Won by top 32 against Talzin/Bala/Trooper and lost in top 16 to Obi/Maz.

1) 2 Alters might be just too resource heavy - might swap one out for a "Use the Force"

2) 2 Deflects - great against slow gun decks but not much else. Might look at some cheap 1 die removal like isolation or maybe hidden motive.

3) Doubt - it's a nice anti-kylo2 card (did not play one all weekend) but too many times it just speeds my opponent up which is not what i want.

4) Now you will die - I used this a couple of times in 10 games. Trimming down to one may be better.

5) Spell of Removal - Listed this out off the top of my head and not sure this is actually in my deck :) will be removed for some other 1/0 cost removal.

6) Witch Magick - clutch card. Another is going in. Statistically should be 2/3 healing every time.


Steady damage whatever you roll. Massive spike damage with swiftness/alter or aim plays. Not much other stuff to worry about - role in / resolve / mitigate / claim It's bloody good fun


Struggles verses really fast action cheating decks like Sabine/Ezra and Obi/Maz Hyperspace jump bollocks :) kills him - I may need to slip an "Abandon all hope in" to try stop this. Opponents rolling fire - Sitting round after round with a "Feel your anger". You know who you are Dimitri??!?!?! haha


MonksGamingBattlefield 319

Congrats man and mad respect! Love the write up! We are bringing him back man!

aces1973 58

Thanks MGB, will have to see if the changes can keep me on the rising curve :) Palp is the Daddy!!

Negralma 4

@aces1973 So glad you shared this. After seeing a Palp go to the top 16 at Euros, I was waiting to see if it got posted. I watched @MonksGamingBattlefield ‘s video last week and got super excited. Palp is still my favorite. Have you considered putting in Manipulate/Anger at all?

aces1973 58

@Negralma couple of reasons I would not use this. 1) more even costs meaning the witch magick play would be worse. 2) I feel it would slow Palps down. He really needs to be ultra fast, claiming first, and rolling out before your oppositions dice are in the pool (no guard, moth cat, etc....). I like the combo but don't think it would replace anything I have at the moment. But give it a go...

Negralma 4

@aces1973 appreciate the reply. Will definitely reconsider those. Thanks!

artyzipp 1

This is a tough deck to pilot against 7th/Boba or even Phasma/Jango. But Palp either wins big or loses big

YOUR Destiny Podcast 1350

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aces1973 58

@artyzipp I agree, it is a damage race. Palps has to get in early and out before boba does his thang. The force speeds are then king.

Isenfaust 1

As returning player. how crucial is Force speed in this deck. Why Holocrons and Force Lightning have no love in this meta?

YOUR Destiny Podcast 1350

@Isenfaust ... Force Speeds are not MANDATORY, but they do make your "Swiftness" plan much easier to facilitate. i.e. Force Speed Special into Alter (or Use the Force, which should probably also be in the deck) ... as for Holocrons (+Force Abilities) they are still amazing, if it was not for Vandalize :(

Isenfaust 1

@YOUR Destiny Podcast good point Vandalize is many yellow decks:) Grats on new website and thanks for great content. I dont think Palp will be my first deck choice need to browse for something cheap and cheerful.