Indirect Support

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Kaldarion 8

Wanted to make a deck using mostly indirect damage forcing my opponent to choose which character to sacrifice first.

I think the pairing of Rose - Skilled Mechanic and Saw Gerrera - Extremist Leader with Profitable Connection gives me good fire power aswell as resources with Rose's special.

Bubble Shield and Suppression Field are there to soak up dmg aswell as usual mitigation cards. The Millennium Falcon allows me to roll either character out for free.

Dangerous Maneuver and Mend allow me to keep my heroes alive a little longer while Target Intel gives me the opportunity to go for the killing blow.


Ramin2-D2 525

tech team for supports.

imbatman 1

yeah tech team / lookout post

Kaldarion 8

@Ramin-2D2``@imbatman Tech team is a card from EaW this deck consists only of cards from the Legacies and is intendid for Trilogy format. :)

Otherwise I would have included it.