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LysyPingwin 15

Deck is surprisingly strong, I won a couple local tournaments with it. You are able to generate insane amount of damage, while also staying ahead on resources, thanks to Rose specials.

Went really strong against Boba/Phasma, lost only once. Quite hard matchup is Kylo2, but thanks to 8 grey cards it's not auto loss. Matchup against Sabine is tricky, because if she roll well, she usually wins. But thanks to Hit and Run and massive amount of burst damage it's definietly possible to beat her.

About specific cards:

A180 Blaster - two range sides and really good special, deck has a lot of them so it's easier to resolve them

Auto Cannon - strong sides with both Finn and Rose, especially with her when Finn dies

Canto Bight Pistol 3 decent dmg sides plus redeploy, usually played to overwrite different weapon

DH-17 Blaster Pistol - just one of the best weapons in the game, lot of value for 1 resource

Wingman - gives you a lot of tempo, definietly must keep in your first hand, killer with Hit and Run

Modified HWK-290 - propably first card to change in deck, kinda slow but if you lose finn it gives you this extra burst od damage, has 4 amazing sides, no modifiers, really good support with synergy with both characters

Suppression Field - has synergy with both characters, but is a little bit too slow. I don't have Crash Landing but if you do it's propably better to run it over this and Locked and Loaded

Locked and Loaded - can give you a lot of value with most of your die, but can totally be removed in exchange for Crash Landing

The rest is pretty obvious, goal is to play 3 cost weapon or 1 cost and 2 cost on turn 1 with wingman, then beat opponent to death. Surprisingly effective and strong. And hell of a fun. Lacks removal, but that's the thing with red in this game at this point.


Hessian Sack 1330

I'm loving how popular this team is getting! You're right about the removal, maybe Honor Guard? Obviously this deck is completely different to the other versions I've seen (love it, btw). Why not have 2x E-11 Blaster? They're surprisingly good, and the redeploy keyword is great once Finn - Soldier of Necessity goes down...

LysyPingwin 15

@Hessian SackHonor Guard is a bit slow for the deck, but the same can be said about Suppression Field. I think that Crash Landing is the best addition. About E-11 Blaster - I'll propably add the instead of Modified HWK-290, I simply forgot about them.