Krennic and Bala Glass Cannon

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exotic 2

Glass cannon build for Krennic and Bala-Tik, the idea here is to get either Swiftness or Tactical Mastery combined with We Have Them Now to deal tons of damage to unsuspecting opponent.

Keep in mind you always want to control the battlefield so Krennic can always roll 3 dice plus what upgrade he has. Making it easier to combo with We Have Them Now. If you have to decide between deal a bit more damage and claiming the battlefield, just claim it. Unless you have The Day is Ours and extra resource to burn.

It work really well for people that didn't see it coming, but struggle against mill deck because you need to keep key cards in your hand.

Pretty fun to surprise the opponent with a sudden 8+ damage or more depending on what upgrades you have.

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Ramin2-D2 525

needs some redeploy guns