Master of the Council Built to last!

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CodeBreaker (Mat Cousineau@Chance Cube) 1067

Been working on a built to last deck since the card was spoiled. Still a little tweaking left to do but getting pretty close to an optimized deck. Let me know what you think!


Hessian Sack 587

I'm not sure The Power of the Force will be much help if you draw it in the first few rounds. Maybe swap Mind Trick for some cheaper removal?

Hessian Sack 587

Oh and congrats on 1000 points exactly!

CodeBreaker (Mat Cousineau@Chance Cube) 1067

Power of the force has been an MVP card in this deck. with built to last and binds... its not uncommon to have 3-4 upgrades out by turn 2. mind trick is a new addition because I often have more money than i can use... figured i can afford it but currently testing.

Hessian Sack 587

OK @CodeBreaker (Mat Cousineau@Chance Cube) Maybe swap a Luke Skywalker's Lightning Rod for a Obi-Wan Kenobi's Lightsaber?

CodeBreaker (Mat Cousineau@Chance Cube) 1067

@Hessian Sackthought about an Obi's Saber but the deck seems to take off much better with a 2 cost round 1 and would rather up the odds of hitting a one round 1 by keeping two of them with one ezra's and one pull.

Jayio00 37

Nice list! I've built one similar

How are you finding Destiny in your version?

Sith Holocron 121

Been a pleasure seeing this deck come to fruition Mat. Hope it does as well for you as your now infamous Sabine/Yoda Swamp Thing deck!

CodeBreaker (Mat Cousineau@Chance Cube) 1067

@Sith Holocron not sure this is on that level but has some potential for sure. @Jayio00Destiny is crucial... opens up so many options for you, can help you ramp big time early or help you play clutch events when you're out of resources.

RebelTraitor 54

20 health seems a bit low. what do you think?

TheHyperloops 2328

How's master of the Council been? Are you sold or are you just trying it?

CodeBreaker (Mat Cousineau@Chance Cube) 1067

@TheHyperloops I’m almost sold on it but still not quite there. At this point I’m thinking it needs to go down to a 1 of and I think the keys going to be just to treat it differently. I find myself trying to sequence into the reactivation and spending actions and resources trying to make that work. I’m thinking that I need to just treat it as a weapon, look for dmg and if the reset happens naturally to take it. The fact that it’s redeploy with btl I think is what makes it work and gives me hope. I feel like it’s almost there but haven’t quite cracked it.

CodeBreaker (Mat Cousineau@Chance Cube) 1067

@RebelTraitor yes that’s one of the con of this deck. I’ve actually been running a different pairing that I may publish in the next few days that I think has more legs as a btl deck. Stay tuned.