Gnars' 238 person SC 1st Place 7-0

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Rafael Tenório - Copa Elite 0 0 0 1.0
Cad/Snoke - Copa Elite 0 0 0 1.0
Coke (4th Store Champs July 2018) 1 0 0 1.0
Gnars' 238 person SC 1st Place 7-0 3 3 0 1.0

AndrewL12 202

The name of the deck will be known as............." PEARS "

238 man tournament champion of the world. Super serious write up review here we go.

Round 1: Leia Yoda. Lul im playing cad


Round 2: Snoke Thrawn. Hey look another snoke! Game was close. Remove thrawns 2 resource sides early and you chillin.


Round 3: Aayla Rose Ezra vehicles. My BF, both shields on Ezra. Killed him first round LoL.

3-0 ez pz

Round 4: Yo-Ho. Both had frozen wastes. I think we took mine. Did 5 turn 1 to hondo. He had a slowish turn. Turn 2 I had force speed on snoke, rolled him out, hit special on FS and money on snoke (I got BaS in hand). Rolled out Cad with ability, force speeded, bait and switch, killed Hondo start of round 2. And his first action before doing anything was playing a cunning on hondo. Ouch....


Round 5: 7th Sister Boba Eh, he was on the defensive most of the time. 7th died pretty early with no redeploys.


Cut to top 64. Couldn't remember any of my top 64 matches (lul). So heres semi-finals and finals.

Semi-Finals: Elite Ezra, trusted informant, wedge..? Interesting. Game was close sheerly to the fact that his god damn deck has 27 health, 2 field medics, 2 second chances, and yeah... Long match. best 2 out of 3, went 2-0.


Finals: Zeb Yoda. One of my good friends here. We were goofing around the whole time, won both games pretty cleanly. Funny moment: I claimed, he had 4 dice, 1melee, 2melee, 2melee, 1resource showing. the resource was on an x-8 die. He needs 6 to kill cad. He discards his final card in his hand, and kisses the x-8 die to roll a 1 or +2. The card he discarded is a truce... lul. X-8 hits a blank.

Yeah pretty good deck. Salvage stand was nuts, people are gonna say it shouldn't be in the deck and they might be right. But I think it was probably one of the best cards in the deck, if not the best (besides maybe bait and switch).

GG Gnars out P.S. SWD Puzzles to come....


SM4SH 45

238 people? That tiny store must have been really hot with all those people.

Platform327 1

Awesome deck! Love the savage Salvage Stand play dude!

Vitalogy1010 136

238 people where?

Focus Ninja 1580

That's a pretty small SC ours in Taňtoh had 567

keggboy777 1

Yeah, you crushed it, thanks for coming out to BreakPoint. Enjoy that Luke!

Epro 548

Looks like the WOTF version of Aurra/Talzin

Epro 548

I went 4-0 in a 13 person event with this tonight. Resources seem to flow easily. Have you tested Dark Ritual? Backup Muscle feels like I want another...Salvage Stand could be something else...maybe more removal or All In?

Resolving the 2 discard side as 4 with a Snoke power action was often crippling for my opponent.