Yondo Store Champ 7-0 7/7/18

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zacgree 20


banshee 80

Looks like special chaining is really the key to this deck, which makes perfect sense considering most cards have two sides to them, including the characters! How do you play against popular deck archetypes, and what's an ideal opening hand draw to make things most effective?

zacgree 20

Yes, either chaining, or just forcing a special with Determination. Ideally I love to get Cunning out first round, followed by Light Bow second round. Mix in some good mitigation to hold off Yoda from being killed off the first couple rounds, as he is the tool to make it all work. I can also say it worked out decently getting Ezra's saber out turn one.

GreenRonin33 1

How would you feel about the notion of dropping a few upgrades for additional removal or utility cards? Mind Trick and Rebel seem like good choices.

zacgree 20

Rebel has been used in this deck before, but it only works best later in the game since you have to have the removal cards discarded. Early game we need to survive so I wanted the best chance of straight removal. With mind trick I didn't have enough control over what to remove, and for the cost, that hurt enough to not consider it. If you play against a lot of vehicle decks then I could see it being good though. I have a lot of upgrades in case some are discarded. It is important to pull lots since it is the main source of damage (since most people just pay off Hondo - which is great when you have lots of upgrades)