Wedges Green Team- Tournament Ready

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habitualpuma 1

I will try to post a better guide for this deck later with match-ups but for now I'll go over the basics.

On the surface it looks simple enough but can be tricky to play with just the sheer number of options you have once your board starts filling with supports. You will also notice I have only 1 copy of many events and supports to give me more options.

I always re-draw for tech team and rally aid at the start like any hero vehicle deck. The droids are also very helpful to have out early. With 30 health and plenty of dice mitigation it shouldn't be too hard to fill your board with supports.

Every character in this deck is very helpful. Yoda is Yoda and those special sides do work. It is also funny when an opponent wants to play something to turn a die to a blank and realizes it doesn't work on Yoda or R2 either for that matter.

Wedges has a great power action to help you get the most out of those big ships like Y wing. His die can do some damage too with that +3 side and it shouldn't be too hard to find some indirect damage to pair it with.

Trusted Informant just helps you see what your opponent has coming and with Nerf-Herder it will let you hand pick cards from an opponents hand. This can be useful for getting rid of big threats like rocket launchers or another N-1 Starfighter. Knowing what your opponent has can be extremely useful and give you the chance to play around certain cards.

Vandalize and Fall back are there to get rid of threats already on the board. Vandalize I am considering dropping just because I don't have enough character dice to support it but it can be nice to get rid of a force speed for free.

It should be pretty obvious that this deck is definitely slow but can really snowball quickly. It is always a relief when an opponent claims and your have free rein to go to work with your army of ships. Many times they will end up passing a lot of turns however to keep you sweating.

I will be taking this deck to a local tournament soon and let you know how it does. Please let me know if you have any advice on how I could improve it.


GregtheBiz 366

I would definitely recommend a second T-47 Airspeeder. The ability to draw cards in a vehicles deck cannot be understated.

Wizardgaming 23 1

Think this deck is good enough to compete at a store championship?

habitualpuma 1

Airspeeder is pretty good. I have been toying around with this deck trying to figure out what ships to drop and add more of. I think the arc 170 and fang fighter are strong ships that I should probably have 2 of

habitualpuma 1

I think it definitely has potential for a store championship. I won a tournament once with a similar deck before this new set came out. The deck I used then had Wedge, Yoda and Aayla but I think this one is better with the addition of yellow and some of these new ships