Top 4 NA Champs Snoke/Aphra/BD |

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None. Self-made deck here.
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eSnoke / Dr Aphra / Battle Droid - Store Champ (8/11/18) 7 6 3 1.0

TheHyperloops 2614

Njcuenca made top 4 of North American champs with this list. You can check out the tournament report here:


lgdantona 27

Well done. I was rooting for you get the finals. Didn't you feel you need more removals to keep Aphra alive a little longer at Gen Con?

Been working on this team for a while but more focused on Droids and Docking Bay - Finalizer has been great with Droid Commandos.

Congrats for bringing Aphra to the Top!!!

Crshaner 77

Why didn't you run By Any Means?

TheHyperloops 2614

@Crshaner I don't think I ever wanted to deal an indirect just to draw a card. On turn one I almost never wanted to play a removal spell. Its only really good in my eyes when you have 000 but then you have 000 and your probably fine. Also it doesn't kill specials. If it was straight remove a die then I'd probably play it.

Leddon75 139

Aphra value went double on market! Thanks Nick. Got none of them lol

ghbell 1

She's 12 bucks on CSI.

Razelll 219

@TheHyperloops Was Climate Disruption Array only in the deck for mill counter, or was it actually good in other match ups?