Battle Droids v2

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geekuprising 65

-2 Shrapnel Blast (kept discarding them), +2 Climate Disruption Array


Corbog 81

Nice deck you got here! I love playing the battle droids! I’m excited to try them out with the new Imperial Troop Transport. Why no Salvo?

geekuprising 65

@Corbog Because the only cards that generate ranged damage in the deck are the battle droids themselves and the Imperial Troop Transport. With 5 active droids, I have a 59.8% chance of rolling one ranged damage per round, and a 33.3% chance of rolling a ranged damage on the Transport by itself, which works out to a 73.21% chance of seeing ranged damage on a die per round. That seems high, except that in only one case am I actually "happy" to see the ranged damage (for Salvo usage), and that's on the transport itself.

There is definitely a case to include it, but it would only make sense (IMO) in a direct play with the transport, which would require drawing both it and a transport and being able to play (and afford) both of them before I lose enough battle droids to make it not as strong of a play. This deck doesn't have amazing resource generation, so locking down 5 resources for an possible extra 3-5 damage early on feels like it'd rely way too much on luck.

Corbog 81

Gotcha. Yeah I guess I’m use to putting 2x LR1K Sonic Cannon with Imperial Backing. Makes salvo a little more useful. I know what you mean about not generating resources though.

benchan87 7

have your thought about running Aftermath We Have Them Now Ammo Reserves or even Drop Zone

for me the above cards work well