Luke and Rey (missing some key cards), seeking feedback

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helikaon 34

Pretty basic build based on the others I've seen floating around. I'm missing Force Speed and 1x Ancient Lightsaber which I want in a bad way.

Of the other one of's, I only included 1 Luke Skywalker's Lightning Rod on purpose since it doesn't synergize well with the Shoto Lightsabers.

Ataru Strike, Caution, Makashi Training, and Way of the Light I only own 1 each.

Any feedback on how to improve this list given the limitations I've listed?



arieskozmo79 7

I think caution, way of the light are good 1ofs, because they are very situational & caution isn't as gr8 in a 2 character build as it is in Plo/Padawans for example. Another ancient would be great. About half the Luke/Rey decks I've seen on here have force speed half don't. I personally don't run it in my Luke/Rey cause I'd rather swing sticks & this is really a mid-range combo. Having said that there are people who will scream you need force speed in every blue build because it's so broken.

arieskozmo79 7

also Guard is a tough call, I personally run it because of all the melee weapons, but it is tough because of Luke's lack of melee sides. you might consider Destiny as a way 2 ramp. Synchronicity is amazing in this deck as is Loth-Wolf Bond. Love Hidden Motive & Pacify for 0 cost mitigation.

djlee 1

playing it binds all things and lightsaber pull is too slow especially against mill. youre actually helping mill thin out your deck lol i think destiny is a better card especially when you dont have resources for removal like overconfidence, unbreakable and way of the light when you drop a two cost weapon. that being should really lower the three cost weapons. the deck has a hard time paying for them. definitely put in 0 cost removal like hidden motive and guard.