Rey and Luke and whatever I've got

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Rey and Luke and whatever I've got 2 2 0 1.0
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Rey and Luke get stabby 2 0 8 1.0

mikefield 56

A Rey/Luke deck I'm working on with a limited collection.

Feedback welcome!


Rey's Lightsaber is still trash and isn't getting play so I ditched it and brought back the other Heirloom Lightsaber. Wish I had an Ancient Lightsaber :(


Ditched 2x Luke Skywalker's Lightning Rod, 1x Rey's Lightsaber and 1x Heirloom Lightsaber.

Added 2x Pacify and 2x Lightsaber Pull


Could Control be a good late game option? After turn 3 I start to make money

Must make more use of Luke Skywalker - Reluctant Instructor's ability, maybe include more abilities like Force Push or Force Throw

These have great mitigation specials!

Also is Beguile missing from this?

Luke's Protection could be useful - 0 cost support that regens

Luke Skywalker's Lightning Rod gets discarded a lot, as does Rey's Lightsaber, so defo room for more cards

Pacify, Lightsaber Pull

No issues making shields so far

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