28-player Store Champ Winner (Doctor Ocio, Zaragoza, ES)

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Derived from
21-player Store Champ Winner (Fire & Dice, Winnetka, CA) 24 22 9 1.0
Inspiration for
Imperial Might, Finalista del Primer Torneo Yavin&Corruscant 1 0 0 2.0

Eames7heForger 1

I just took a similar version of this to a local casual tournament and went 4-0 winning the whole thing as well. The only differences were that I took Kylo Ren's Tie instead of Vader's & went with 2 Tech Team's, 1 Podracer, 1 Fang & no Ground Battalion.
I personally love Abandon All Hope and I'm curious if you had to choose between that and Fall Back, which would you sub?

herrerodani 94

I would keep Abandon All Hope because after seeing oponents hands, if it is plenty of mitigation is a good solution. Also valid against mirror or alikes.

BaldWookie 3

Congratulations Daniel. I played against you in the first round of Swiss. Very well piloted. Well deserved victory.

herrerodani 94

Thanks @BaldWookie. You have an amazing comunity in Zaragoza. It was a pleasure to met you.