! One Dice Koon !

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Hybrid Melee/Mill Plo/Part Version 1 1 0 0 1.0
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Plo Partisans Mill 0 1 2 1.0

tiboralakli 18

Yes - yes one dice Plo Koon, you see it well ! Why ? Because only the skill is needed for you +1 money in this deck has many options already in the first rounds . . . believe me :)


Razelll 244

That is actually very true. The second die in Plo Koon - Jedi Protector mill does pretty much nothing.

outro 151

This looks fun.

Tserrof 2

Maybe i would insert two Caution for defend the jedhas with Plo's dice ;)

joelker41 168

I actually put in Preemptive strike in mine instead of Profitable. Mill 4 off the top before you even start the game. Let's you pitch to reroll for resources or discards.

tiboralakli 18

@joelker41 hmmmm .... ?!?!? I do not think so because setup is the first !! then comes the first round !!

what do you think ?

smerle 861

You are correct @tiboralakli. Plot triggers before round starts. Partisan's are "first time each round" so that doesn't work with Preemptive Strike

tiboralakli 18

@smerle many thx !!!!

joelker41 168

It does say after setup. Unless specifically addressed there isnt a phase in between setup and game start to my knowledge. Every pre game state is completed.

I could be wrong just pretty clear what the intent was.

joelker41 168

I am wrong looked up the rules reference. Thanks for the clarification guys.

smerle 861

Yup, just so everyone knows it's Step 7 of Setup on Page 13: " “After setup” abilities trigger."

AlreadyPicked 14

This deck has plenty of discards from the top of a deck (which is GREAT) but besides the 2 dices of the Jedha Partisan and from Bartering, not much discards from hand.

I feel like the end game might be problematic to get rid of the lasts cards in hand. What's the strategy here?

Bean Machine 1

@AlreadyPicked Maz's Goggles and Tough Haggler are the two best options for upgrades by then IMO if you are able to get the special sides.