Roger Roger - 28-player Store Champ TOP4 (Doctor Ocio, Zarag

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sondi 14


Orffme 57

congrats on the win! How did your matches go?

sondi 14

Thank you @Orffme!

I did 4-1 in swiss and then I win TOP8 and fall in TOP4.

First round aginst eBoba-Kylo - Win: A sooner LR1K gives me the victory I rolled it three times and I did lot of damage.

Second round agianst eThrawn-eSnoke (the winner of the championship) - Win: It was hard to win. Both could win but at last I was luckier.

Third round against eThrawn-eSnoke - Win: very very hard. He distribute the damage among my droids and I could win sacrifying three of them playing Aterrizaje forzoso and hurt him with both [Guerra de desgaste]. (/card/02069)

Fouth round against eBala Tik-eCiena-Nightsister - Lose: maybe the worst opponent I could ever had. I had one round without removal cards and Bala Tik kill 4 of my droids activating four times in the same round. Impossible to win.

Fifth round against ePoe-eHondo - Win: I could play a LR1K in the first round and Kill Hondo soon, but it was no so easy to win at last.

TOP 8 eHondo-ePoe - Win: The same deck than the last round of swiss.

TOP4 against eThrawn-eSnoke - Lose 2-1: I lost the first game clearly, I had no opportunity to win. The second game I won thanks to Guerra de desgaste, but the last game he won thanks to sacrifice Trawn and played Dark Ritual to recover some lifes.

I'm happy with the deck, and it works well, but i've added some removal and remove Trabajo ingrato or Nave de desembarco separatista which aren't very useful at last.