Magic Mike's Put 'em down

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jerfinator 1

Didn't I see that deck get whooped by some handsome and extremely talented player? ;) j/k good game that was a good match.

SmugglersRunGaming 11

Ha. Handsome indeed.. did you seem my abs on the stream?! That was one of the best matches I've ever had.

LysyPingwin 7

Why Veteran instead of First Order Stormtrooper and second Bala die?

Ramin2-D2 217

why not Deathtrooper?

SmugglersRunGaming 11

@LysyPingwin I wanted to try something other than five die villain, I also wanted to take advantage of Sudden Impact. You need the 3 indirect side on the Vet to do that well. I also like the two extra hit points.

@Ramin2-D2 I hadn't thought of Death Trooper, but I don't like that he doesn't have a resource side for bait and switch or a three side for sudden impact.