3Jedha Partisan/Gungan warrior MILL Top-8 Russian Nationals

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Derived from
Rose/Jedha Partisans | YOUR Destiny Gauntlet Deck 4 4 1 1.0
Inspiration for
Triple Partisan Mill 0 1 0 1.0

destinyspb 98

Обзор колоды и отчет о турнире на русском: https://vk.com/@swdestiny_ru-pro-nac-i-mou-kolodu

Article on YOUR DESTINY site http://yourdestiny.dk/blog/russian-nationals-2018-top8-deck-analysis-tournament-report


GregtheBiz 379

Have you tested Clandestine Operation for the times when you have 3 dice with showing?

destinyspb 98

@dustin13862 I thought about this card, but haven't tested yet. I am scared about Kylo's 2 instant damage, and all the best cards are yellow, so tried to include more grey and red to prevent this free damage